Vanilla Sky


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Does anyone know the name of the song which opens the film where the personalised "open your eyes" alarm wakes him and he rises from the bed.???

>>By the Gimp   (Thursday, 23 Jan 2003 08:05)

this movie IS amazing because it is really deep. i'm not just saying that because it's confusing; lots of confusing movies are sucky. but not this one. it's so sad in a way because tom cruise's character realizes the emptiness of his superficial life, and is searching for something deeper...when he finally finds what he thinks could be love (something he's never had before) it's taken away from him because of the horrible decision he makes to get in the car with cameron diaz. "every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around." so he opts to kill himself and live a fantasy life with his "soulmate" than face the harsh realities of his normal existence that would deprive him of love. that is so heartbreaking.

>>By dee   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 00:51)

now i am frozen and you are dead and i love you

>>By youngmic   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 04:45)

Outstanding, deep... although it did take me a while to figure out which trip he was on. well crafted film.

>>By Manna   (Sunday, 4 May 2003 21:07)

Gimp..i think you're talking about the Radiohead song if I'm not mistaken. It's either on Kid A or Amnesiac.

One of the messages i got is that living in a fantasy world is bad. Sweet and sour. You need the negative aspects of reality to appreciate the good things. you have to open your eyes to life. i'm sure i'll have more to say but i can't think of it all right now.

>>By Laurel   (Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 01:23)

This film was incredible, possibly even moreso than fight club, it wasnt all that confusing, it was definately clever, and the soundtrack was brilliant.

and Gimp, the song is 'everything in its right place' by Radiohead, hope I helped

>>By Throwaway Hero   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 12:19)

The film is just fantastic, verry good thought about. when you dont get it, it means your not inteligent enough to watch grown up films brittany

>>By Dhenuka   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 13:50)

I think vanilla sky is a work of art. I didn't see the spanish version though. Has anyone seen this. If so what is the name of it? I loved the plot of it all being a dream state Tom Cruise was living in. It makes you queston if we are all living out some sort of dream or (nightmere) of our lives.

>>By LuLu   (Monday, 25 Aug 2003 04:18)

I thought Vanilla Sky was crap !!! and Tom Cruise is short

>>By Starz   (Monday, 25 Aug 2003 15:21)

work of art, deep, amazing?? are you guys seriuous? it had a great opening plot then i don't know what happened to it. if they would have left out that getting frozen business out of it, it would have been a good movie. it goes to show how cheaters really are, they have someone great and they throw it all away for one last screw. typical! tom is okay is you like big noses and big teeth.

>>By catie   (Monday, 25 Aug 2003 20:50)

admit that i wasn't sure how to describe this movie, when i first saw the previews. the trailer starts out giving you the impression that the film is a romantic drama, then suddenly it goes all psychological thriller leaving the audience stumped. the movie is directed by Cameron Crowe, okay he did Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. 2 good movies that, in comparison to, are very different from Vanilla Sky. and still, as i watched the preview, i knew i wanted to see this movie. it just looked really interesting, and i absolutely loved Almost Famous, so i trusted Crowe would deliver another great movie. time went by after Sky's release, and i kept putting off seeing it, only to hear a lot of negative reviews. perhaps, those naysayers missed the film's point, or just didn't care for the artsy feel the film has. but i can say, leaving the theater tonight, i felt such a weird buzz from the film that i rarely get from seeing a movie. to summarize the movie's twisted plot, i'll give you just enough to set it up for you.
the movie centers on David Ames, played by Tom Cruise, a spoiled and vain young man who has the world on a platter. he is the head of a successful publishing company, a position that the company's board of directors wants to strip David of. he's rich attractive, and can get any woman he wants. one in particular is Julie, played by Cameron Diaz . David carelessly strings her along, making her nothing more than a "f*ck buddy", as described by David's best friend Brian (i think that was his name) played by Mallrats star Jason Lee. well David recklessly turns away from Julie when he meets Brian's new interest Sophia, portrayed by the lovely Spanish delight Penelope Cruz. David sees something in Sophia that he never saw before in any woman, and begins to pursue her, causing a rift between him and Brian, and most importantly, Julie. feeling hurt and betrayed, Julie begins to follow David, and manages to get him in her car. and as you may have seen in the film's previews, drives the two of them off a bridge.
i will stop there, because that is when things get very strange. reality becomes skewed, and David's dreams and the real world become indistinguishable. did David really survive the crash? was the accident really an accident? is the shady board of directors behind it all? the film really moves around, and you have to keep your eyes open (no pun intended, you understand once you see the film).

now after seeing the movie, as i said, i just felt this rush. i found myself driving home signing along with Depeche Mode's One Caress at the top of my lungs. the movie just got under my skin, and touched me in some undescribable way. but don't let my jovial review fool you, the movie is dark and disturbing at times, and some may find the ending pretentious, and sappy. but i just loved the film. the acting, the story, the great music (Raidohead and R.E.M.), all that and Penelope Cruz . everything about this movie was great, leaving me no choice than to give it a big 'ol 5.
perhaps i am just letting my personal thoughts influence the score, but isn't that the point of doing a review? well for me it is, i don't pretend to be some film critic that actually knows his crap. as for fine cinema, well i have never seen the so-called (with all due respect) classics like Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind. i just know what i like, and i really liked Vanilla Sky

>>By Led Gopher   (Tuesday, 26 Aug 2003 05:56)

Damn this movie was so good. It was confusing but I liked it.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Tuesday, 26 Aug 2003 21:08)


Everyone I've spoken to about this has came out with the typical art wannabe quote: "jah, jah, jah, but Abre Los Ojos was the classic... so subtle and beautiful... Bullshit... the Spanish film that has became somewhat of a pre-cursor to VS was ground-breaking and an all-round good movie, but it seemed to me that it was full of holes. It's almost as if it was made whilst the script was being written.

Vanilla Sky was the finished article and that's not to say it was just turned into a braindead Hollywood blockbuster for the masses. The direction was heaps better, as a viewer I was drawn into the movie at a deeper level and Tom Cruise/Penelope Cruz were on top form.

Sure it was no independent, art-house flick, but it was awe-inspiringly powerful. The scene with the two leads acquainting themselves in a room away from the party is so beautiful, tender and fun, like first flirtations should be.

One of the really strong points of this film, aside from the photography and the Vanilla Skies of the title, is the soundtrack. Where Open Your Eyes was 'subtle', Vanilla Sky made full use of access to some incredible and apt tracks. Radiohead and Sigur Ros fitting perfectly with the dreamy, atmospheric subject of the film.

All in all one of the best contemporary movies of it's time I'm sure... this film is sooooo 2001... and what a great year to be 19 that was!


>>By The Dandy Assassin   (Thursday, 23 Oct 2003 15:00)

i hated this movie. i didnt understand it and to me it was a waste of time.

>>By damn people lay off GC   (Friday, 24 Oct 2003 02:29)

I loved this movie. I can't remember exactly what it was about because I saw it so long ago but I think the original title 'Open Your Eyes' is a more apt description of it; it really does open your mind.

I don't like movies that deliberately obfuscate or make things too cryptic/abstract as to totally detract from our grasp of what they're trying to portray, but I don't think Vanilla Sky did this.

>>By ftad   (Friday, 24 Oct 2003 04:09)

Some great soundtracks for this film: they made the movie...

Good bye.

>>By lapsus   (Tuesday, 4 Nov 2003 23:28)

The only good thing I can say for this movie is that it looked really good,cinematographywise. And it was only confusing because of deliberate obfuscation on Crowe's part.That pathetic excuse for an ending cleared up any of that .I was so disappointed that I dont remember much except that I felt my time had been not only wasted but shit upon

>>By goddog   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 08:20)

The idea behind VS was truely fantastic though not original , i felt it was just another "arty" film inspired by TOM CRUISES' smile
i doubt it would'e been noticed if not for he and cruz, its reason behind making a film like this reminds of the question i asked myself after veiwning GREEN MILE and that was WHY?

>>By riffta   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 15:03)

vanilla sky isn't "real", it is created, as is everything else, as is the movie, as is what you thought of the movie, as is the world that awaits you after you leave the movie. So you should be careful what you create. For me anyway that was the point.

>>By John00021   (Friday, 21 Nov 2003 11:14)

isn't that a great fucking ferrari in the opening scenes. Cameron Diaz is worried about some silly pics that might keep her from landing family roles. Shit, everytime i see her cavorting with Mickey or Minnie I'm going to hear what she told Tom's character in the car just before the accident.

ps. only a dullard would get confused by this movie's plot. no doubt the same dullard who couldn't follow Pulp Fiction. a meanie...

>>By Sexibeast   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 12:27)

oh penelope, where for art thou penelope?...........

>>By polaris   (Friday, 5 Dec 2003 01:37)

Loved it (at least you know where to put me now)
Twisting plot, well, it's all explained in the end, isn't it? I admit that until the roof scene you get a little confused but that was meant so xhy complain?
Now the music. How long since you've heard such a well accompanied movie? Decades? Centuries? All great tracks, more or less famous but all enriching the viewer's experience...
And I just have to point out that the great achievement of this movie is to make us actually feel the love, the hesitation, the melancholy... No doubt Penelope's angelic face is responsible for half the film's good appreciation tho. She is so lovely, so full of promises, so... Darn it! I'm falling in love again!

>>By goulvench   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 02:14)

And for those who don't like Tom, His face is a mess half the film so enjoy!

>>By goulvench   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 02:16)

The soundtrack for this film has some amazing artists contributing.. I'm glad McCartney came up with a brand new song for this movie

>>By SulfurFury   (Thursday, 18 Dec 2003 21:14)

To anyone confussed about the founding of this AMAZING movie.

The original was called "Abre Los Ojos", with a Bulgarian re-make with... none other than Miss Ponelope Cruz, called "Open Your Eyes"

If you want an in depth review about this movie and discuss if in further detail. Message me. I dont want to clutter the board.

>>By SenCee   (Saturday, 20 Dec 2003 04:17)

i'm wondering if anyone knows the song that is played as they are towards the end of the elevator trip and approaching the roof of the building. it is at the very end of the movie and it is after nancy wilsons elevator beat is played but before sugar ros is played. its not on the soundtrack and iv been tryin to figure it out for the longest time. thanks

>>By dude12   (Tuesday, 24 Feb 2004 03:05)

Starz, you had it right. This movie is crap. And Curise is short -- really short. I think he's, like, four eleven begging for five.

>>By Concerto   (Friday, 27 Feb 2004 22:27)

OK first you have to realize that if you think the movie sucked becaus you didnt get it and your hollywood crush is to small even though you cant spell his name you odviosly have no right to even talk about the movie. I myself do not like the movie but i do understand it and were it was coming from I just didnt enjoy watching it i thought it could have been made in a much better way, and i know that is just me personaly. I do have to say that the one thing i agree with is the jumping scene at the end but thats just because i skydive and they did a reall good job making the falling experaince feel real to the viewer.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Tuesday, 2 Mar 2004 05:55)

Listen, Pilgrim, don't be so presumptuous. You're not the only one who understood this movie. One need only refer to the "Captain Pike" espisode of Star Trek (first generation) -- the one in which Spock attempts to usurp the Enterprise -- to understand the devastating consequences of personal trajedy and the need to escape therefrom. In fact, take a look at "Brazil" to fully appreciate the lengths one will go to to trade reality for fiction. And don't speak to me about spelling when your box is filled with them. And I won't mention your grammatical mistakes.

>>By Concerto   (Wednesday, 3 Mar 2004 02:36)

dont make me laugh you made a negitive post on a movie and then made no case for your self. Plus i wouldnt call my post "presumptuous" specailly since i agreed with you on the fact it was a bad movie but at least i gave reasons and i was politically correct (though you dont have to count this since i almost left it a out because i agree with "Politically correct bedtime stories") And grammar never count specailly on the internet i just ragged on your error since it was your only reason for saying it was a bad movie.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Wednesday, 3 Mar 2004 06:36)

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