To Kill A Mockingbird


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I just finished reading the book in school. I loved the book but then we say the movie. I found that laughable. It was increadably untrue too the book and boring, did anyone else have a similar experiance

>>By Hippodude110   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 00:28)

Does anyone here know where i can find pictures that relate the the movie or novel TKAM ????

>>By Amber   (Friday, 3 Jan 2003 02:12)

ok this movie is gay DILL IS SOOO UGLY!!!! what is up with these tree hugging running children??? they cant stand still...or walk....or stand up straight, or talk ni a normal quiet voice!!!! who does that? ok thats just...GAY! mr.wrights english class at odss re:Lee_sarah


>>By Lee_Sarah   (Saturday, 18 Jan 2003 22:57)

Does anyone know where I can purchase posters or lobby cards pertaining to "To Kill A Mockingbird." Having a heck of a time finding me at

>>By Emily   (Sunday, 19 Jan 2003 04:49)

This book is very interesting to me and the previous girl or what ever you are that said that the book is "gay" you really need to watch your mouth! You try writing a book. I bet that you could never do such a thing because you don't even use english in the way it is meant to be used. How in the hell can a book be gay? Is it homosexual of happy? I don't think so! Any ways, good book Harper Lee!

>>By Ashley   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 00:57)

i think some of you need to consider that when they made the movie they obviously couldn't put in all the content of the book as it would probably go for days! Also, it is much easier to provide description and generate an experiance through text. Many of the main ideas written as thought or narration have to be conveyed through a visual means, thus resulting in often differing cicumstances and instances

>>By Cameron   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 10:33)

I need to know how the town looks like.If anyone can help please write to me at

>>By Roxanne   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 00:52)

It was a very boring book!

>>By lbe   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 22:19)

i loved the book. i thought harper lee did such a good job writing it and i want to see the movie.

>>By cater   (Sunday, 9 Mar 2003 21:19)

Ignorant, disrespectful kids... You obviously forgot that this movie was made in 1962, that and the kids are like 10 years old. For being over 30 years old, it kept me entertained. Show some respect, this is like a autobiography when you think about it, Harper Lee's one book, Most of the events and characters are from her own life. Is this all she had to say? Cameron... why try to flex? what does it accomplish, what you said made sense, but seems highly untrue, a picture is worth a thousand words. There is a lot to say about a man who is down to earth, maybe more than one with a big vocabulary...

>>By Hardcore Hehaw (Evan)   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2003 05:20)

It was a good book, but Dill....what the hell is it with the teeth? And the shirt tucked into the pants?! Jeez...someone needs to get a life and a new wardrobe too....

>>By Jeezy   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 00:08)

An amzing book- certainly a classic. But as you can see from the comments above, it takes a certain amount of intelligence and insight to comprehend. But, nonetheless, a timeless, great read.

>>By Chickacherry   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 03:48)

i have to make playing cards fo at least 8 characters. are there any places to get pics of any of the actors?

>>By manoc   (Friday, 28 Mar 2003 06:25)

i loved the book and the movie and i love u ! can i get ur number !

>>By Craven Morhead   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 03:14)

I have to make a poster of to kill a mockingbird and i don't know where to go please help

>>By shorty   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 18:33)

hehehee i really liked the book but i probably woulda enjoyed it better if i didnt have to write a respond on the so-called "sybolism" that Harper Lee gives to it every week!! My teacher is insane she finds too much symbolism that i bet not even harper would have thought about writing when she made the book, LOL. I saw the movie it was good but dil...wth!?!?! his teeth are like a picked tooth fence and he looks sooooo nerdy like he wears the same clothes everyday until hes like 10!! scout makes wierd faces lol..i think.. that scout woulda looked hotter if he was my age but he was like 9 the whole movie when he was supposed to be 13 near the end.?? oh well i liked the movie but it missed out alot like most do.

>>By lil lady blue   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 03:32)

does any1 know where i can find movie-stills from to kill a mockingbird (the movie)?

>>By Carolyn   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 17:40)

we need help!!!!! we have a messed up teacher who is making us do this half witted project over spring break. anywayz, does anyone know where i can find some pics from the book or the movie?? but what i really need is a map of maycomb. i know monroeville, but this has to be a map showing scouts house, the courthouse, schoolhouse, Boo's house, and all that. i didnt read the book (hahaha), so dont know how the f*^& i am going to come up with that!! so email if you can pleeeeeeaaaaaaassseeeee!!!!!! my email is either, or you can email it to my friend at thanx alot!!!

lady bug and funky
(b/w, if you're bored, i.m. my friend at funkypunksk8r13)   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 21:52)

This Book Sux! I Do Not Recommend Reading It Outside Of English Class.....and Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find Some Pictures From The Movie? I Really Need Them.....Like....Today.....It's 2 In The Morning And Im Still Tying To Find Some Pictures....

>>By Fourman   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 08:46)

where in the hell are the pictures!!!!!some of this shit teachers expect us tio find is bull shit.

>>By bethany   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 06:21)

my name is ethan and i loved the book...the movie sucked, but i loved the book. talk to me

>>By Ethan   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 19:00)

it was gay

>>By yoyoyo   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 19:33)

i'm withhh bethany. i can't findd any pix

>>By ya   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 19:34)

Where can I find movie pictures in TKAM? I need it for my essay. Where do we put answers to the others questions, and where can we find the answers to our questions?

>>By Lisa   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 03:13)

Although it was boring, and i'm 16 this is one of Americas greates literary works. It's much deeper than what most 16 year olds will grasp. All of the symbolism can become confusing for someone with the attention span of a small gerbil lol but anywho VERY GOOD BOOK if your IQ is higher than a lemon marang pie!

>>By Matt   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 22:37)

dear hardcore hewaw,
disrespectful? why? people have opinions and express themselves however. dont judge & letem be, its not your place.

>>By asdf   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 17:54)


>>By FUCK U   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 20:17)


>>By FUCK YOU   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 20:17)

..... SORRY I FUCKED YOUR MOM   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 20:18)

Ja, es ist wirklich ziemlich gut, aber ne zusammenfassung auf deutsch wäre auch ganz hilfreich!

>>By Deutschland   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 14:25)

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