Queen Of The Damned


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hi.This is myfavfilm ofall time.i cant get enough of it.Ive got the book,soundtrack, and other items.Anne rice is a Queen and i wish to be her king but i am to young sadly.I love this film and i love the book.The bastards turned on Akasha.Save my Queen

>>By Enkil   (Tuesday, 10 Dec 2002 15:52)

Anne Rice is a ledgend in her own right, selling millions of copies of her books and now two motion pictures from her creations she has brought the world of the living dead alive through books, movies and now music.
Basing the character claudia on her own little girl whom she lost quiet young you can only imagine what a gorgeous child she would have been. Lestat being her favourate character of all as well as millions of others falling in love with the brat prince played by both tom cruise and stuart townsend, this is just a little information i have found out about her. Anne rice is a brilliant writer as well ans person i am sure and i can only hope that lestat, louis, claudia, armond, marius, gabriel and more will light up our imaginatons again and again in the future.

>>By lestats_dream   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 13:12)

You guys are a couple of idiots! You liked the books and you liked the movie? Are you guys blind or illiterate? One of the two must be true. That movie had nothing to do with the books AT ALL. It wasn't even based on Anne Rice's works, except for the names. Did you even read her books?

>>By Ummm_whaaa?   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2003 06:59)

This movie was amazing.The people who worked on this movie,each and every one of them,are truly talented and I believe movies like this are the ones that deserve the Oscars.This movie was one of those that proved to be different and the people are real are truly amazing actors.Anybody who did not love this movie are close minded and can just go to hell (litteraly!)

>>By Jerastat   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 21:02)

I agree with Ummm_whaaa? that the movie had little to do with the book, however they were both great in their own right. Stuart Townsend kicks ass as Lestat and Aaliyah does an excellent job at playing the Queen Akasha!!

>>By Mael   (Saturday, 5 Apr 2003 01:47)

I loved the movie. I am going to buy the books so I can read them cause I love the living dead vampires, demons, zombies.... I love it all. Hell no wonder I am gothic. I love pain, the living dead, witches and just about everything else.

>>By ~*~Serenity~*~   (Sunday, 20 Apr 2003 03:08)

OMFG! I love Aaliyah! She did an amazing job in the movie. Sure, the movie could have been a little bit better, but Aaliyah still gave an awesome performance!

>>By josh   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 20:29)

i just want to say i thought it was fantastic, i loved lestat and esspecially marius he gave of a i know everything look it was great aaliyah gave a 10/10 performance and this movie definitly quenched my thirst for a good vampire movie

>>By nyssa   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 06:54)

hey all i believe the book and the movie was good even if they are different the actors in the movie were fantastic and i agree with nyssa that marius was da best

>>By trinity   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 06:58)

lestat is so hot id let him bite me anyday :) te he he
its an awsome film

>>By alannah   (Monday, 19 May 2003 04:53)

Personally I think all you Goths need a good sorting! I bet you don’t even know what day of the week it is!

>>By BOGFISH   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 16:29)

I thought that the move was great. Im used to all the rock an roll because that is all my dad likes and I think tgat there should be a sequieal to the movie because it6 did not tell you what happened to david when mauris went in and it cut you off at the stage where Lestat got his wish ... snd the one girl he truly wanted to spend etunaty with but hey thats just me. over all it was the best movie iv seen in a long time.

>>By me   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 17:37)

This was the worst movie in exstance, I vomited after I saw it. I hope that all of you who liked this movie ESPECIALLY JUST BECAUSE AALIYAH WAS IN IT drink a big tall glass of bleach. It was a horrible movie. It made no sense and the actors were terrible and Mekare (Oh. you dont know who that is.. Do you??) wasn't even in it. Just because someone is dead doesnt mean they're a good actress.

>>By god_h8s_children@yahoo.com   (Saturday, 5 Jul 2003 07:28)

You should have respect for the dead, my humble friend

>>By Dhenuka   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 13:48)

lol! god_h8s_children@yahoo.com!
you are truly evil!

>>By la di da   (Wednesday, 30 Jul 2003 15:12)


>>By HeatherZagone05   (Friday, 22 Aug 2003 00:21)

This movie sucked. Of course, that is because your see a truly right on verison of Anne Rice's book Interview with the vampire. And how beautiful that movie was and then queen of the damned. Rock star lestat was always hard to buy even in the book. But on screen it made little sense. Sigh. Stuart is freaking sexy though. lol.

>>By noise_conspiracy   (Monday, 13 Oct 2003 17:01)

Queeen of that Damned is and will always be my favorite movie of all time. I love Aaliyah and miss her to. I love Aaliyah so much, she is in my room and all my friends know that. R.I.P. baby girl.

>>By AndWhat   (Wednesday, 28 Jan 2004 00:14)

i thought this movie was massivly over rated and made no sense it did not compare to interview with a vampire a sat throught this movie and tapped it but of course taped over it stright away as i would not want to put enyone else through it.
i had a vancant disterbed look on my face from start to finish and i had to watch interwiev with a vampire to get rid of it.
never again
this movie made me feel discusted in the movie industry. utter shite

>>By lost   (Thursday, 29 Jan 2004 15:55)

My veiws on this film are mixed. I agree entirely that it is a poor adaptation of the two books it attempts to incorporate within the course of the film. However the majority of the acting is of a consistantly high standard throughout.
On merit of being a film in it's own right it falls well short of the mark and is truly only appealing (or frustrating) to the Anne Rice fan or the vampire obsessed teenager.

>>By GothicDreams   (Monday, 9 Feb 2004 06:53)

thats one hell of a fu**ing great movie and man is dat guy hot

>>By 2fast_4ya   (Friday, 13 Feb 2004 22:31)

Movie was ok. Except for the fact that it used the same characters, it really had nothing to do with the book. If anyone who watched the movie feels like something was left out, then I suggest you read the book, dfinatly way better than the movie.

>>By Moonknight03   (Thursday, 19 Feb 2004 17:09)

I havn't seen the movie yet :( My mom won't let me see it... yet. I just have to beg her long enough! Haha Seen interview with the vampire though and ive seen previews and im downloading the movie on kazaa! Yay! (Watch it when my mom is at work) Looks good though. Lestat/Stuart is cute as usual!

>>By Lestat Luver 69   (Wednesday, 3 Mar 2004 06:32)

i thought the book was awsome! the movie was really good too, but it should not have been named after Rice's book. She should have sued or killed or SOMETHING! for the way the director tried to do his own thing with HER book! He should be shot! But..... the guy who played Lestat ws kinda hot.....

>>By oledirtymilkk   (Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 11:29)

Anne rice is awsome her books are amazing i was not as impressed with how they did the movie there were many mistakes marius did not create lestat marius was 6 foot tale and blonde in the book in the movie he was 5 somethin and practically bald and the queen was supposed to be defeated by mekhare the twin sister of maharet not by the other vampires but other than that great movie

>>By therion   (Friday, 12 Mar 2004 03:13)

oki doki my opinions
a) interview with a vampire was like 3 hour slong of corse it would have been better thanan Queen of the damned
b) i've only read one book by ann rice (cant remmeber title but it was marius' story) was kinda dissapointed that marius wasnt how he was described in the book but the guy hu played him did a good job
c) never been a big fan of aaliyah but she did good
soz jus had to type that

lets face it it was a hard movie to do because of the books, and the movies r never as good as the books. and another thing films that have a slight gothic theme don't get as much popularity as other movies cause ppl cant accept them


>>By Nu-Nu   (Friday, 19 Mar 2004 22:35)

Hey Bogfish, what's a "sorting"? I'm surprised you came out of your bog long enough to watch a movie!

>>By Dan23   (Monday, 22 Mar 2004 01:44)

I actually think that the movie is better than the book, it's just hard for some people to imagine what it would be like, and the film just helps peoples imagination spread further! But I'm not saying Anne rice is a bad writer, she's brilliant.
The movie sound track is by far the best ever, I'm addicted to listening to 'redeemer' and 'forsaken'
Luv Lestat and drink blood!

>>By Fish_feed   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 18:29)

Nu-Nu everyone is entiltled to their opinion and i was not saying anything mean it was constructive criticism Fish_feed the soundtrack is awsome forsaken rules

>>By therion   (Sunday, 28 Mar 2004 18:45)

i think its unfair to compare this to interview with the vampire. that movie was...WOW...even my english teacher loves that movie. and she's not easy to impress. so what if the books are by the same person? queen of the damned is a big disappointment. only good thing abt it is the music and stuart townsend.

>>By eatengold   (Monday, 29 Mar 2004 08:43)

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