Pride And Prejudice


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I saw the new movie a few weeks ago. Keira Knightly is not my favourite actress, but she is very pretty, and Mathew McFadyen as Mr Darcy is most definitely a contender for "best looking actor in a Jane Austen story". I realise the producers had to tidy-up the script to fit into a 2 hour movie and it was well done, and no kissing, even at the end (I think Ms Austen would have approved, there was no kissing in the book either). Donald Sutherland was a surprise as Mr Bennett, I never thought he would pull off that english accent so well and Brenda Blethyn was as good as ever. Judi Dench was perfect casting for Lady Catherine de Burgh, and the scenery was lovely. I saw it at the cinema and will be adding it to my dvd favourites later. I still think the BBC series was the best though.

>>By horliks   (Thursday, 13 Oct 2005 21:00)


In my opinion the BBC series is too much better than the film, starting with Lizzie and Darcy....Colin is the best!!!

>>By Dani92   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2008 19:47)

This movie was based off of Jane Austen's Book "Pride and Prejudice" which is based off of her own personal experiances. Although the book is fictional the movie "Becoming Jane" is actually what happened to young Jane Austen. The movie "Becoming Jane" Much better describes Jane's interntions when it came to being a woman who is just simply too smart for being a woman of those times. which in my opion in one of the main themes that Jane tried to bring out in "pride and Prejudice" the book.

>>By spacey18   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2008 21:09)

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