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what is the movie all about?

>>By susie   (Friday, 29 Nov 2002 14:36)

The movie, Gallipoli, is about Australia's past and the beginning of the ANZAC tradition. The ANZAC tradition incorporates 'mateship/courtship' and courage, as well as a range of other Australian qualities and themes. Gallipoli, the film released in 1981, demonstrates 'mateship'. Peter Weir, director of 'Gallipoli', took too very different Australian's, with two very different views on war and made a friendship from it, and this friendship grew throughout the film. Although Archy and Frank were both athletes, this is the only thing they have in common.

As a typical Australian film, a main or important character die. Australian films are unlike American film. Aussie films usually have a dramatic ending and are usually unpleasant but realistic to the story line. American films, even if a character dies, end on a happy note, one which people want the story to end on. Australian movies, Gallipoli shows this too, have a strange truth about them. They show the harsh environment of the true world and offer real circumstances and a likely outcome of these circumstances. American directors enjoy making movies full of love (life isn't really like that) or gore and unrealistic situations.

That was not a dig at the American films because nearly all of them are fabulous, I was simply comparing American films to that of Australian films. The last scene in Gallipoli was of Archy's "moment of death". This has a greater impact on the audience as opposed to what a American film would of had. The American film may of had Frank run out onto the Nek and hold Archy in his arms, crying. Yet Frank would not get hit/shot. That is why I compared the Australian way of making films to the American way of making films.

Gallipoli is a marvelous movie that demonstrates the beginning of the ANZAC tradition, a very important historical event in Australian history.

>>By Chonky   (Sunday, 1 Dec 2002 07:56)

I recently just watched this movie in an English class and now I have to compare it in an essay to the novel "All Quiet on the Western Front." Might you have any specific suggestions about Gallipoli's anti-war theme?

>>By Hales   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 05:36)

i didnt get it and know i have to do am essay on it and its due in 2 days

>>By J   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2003 07:41)

By J,

You are clearly a idiot. Go to a picturesque place and cut your own throat with a blunt knife. Save us all from your typical total stupidity.

For a brick-thick-typical-amecian like you we expect only outrage and indigation (look this up,, a dictiorary will help you). Clearly the horror did not impact on you.... that's the shame, and before you respond, perhaps you should actually think of the vomit, gore, blood, knee ripping viecereal horror of the scen you watched..... watch it atleast 5 thime before you respond.... put yourself in this siteuation.... (eeeee!!0



>>By Ev   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 15:21)

Who is gallipoli? I never found who that character was.

>>By me   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 20:58)

is the any aborigines in GALLIPOLI

>>By k   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 05:51)

Hey Evan!
Relax, so the person didn't get no need to jump down her throat. Its also not because she is american, it is possible for people not to understand things.....that may be hard to believe coming from your perfect world where you sit on thrown!! Just so you know.....thanks to that little comment of yours you are now seen as an inconsiderate ass!

>>By you wish you knew   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 02:11)

I am having trouble finding world history themes in the film for a class in two days, any help?

>>By kris   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 23:23)

Actually, I agree with Evan. People who dismiss the complete & utter horrors of war as just another part of the North American entertainment industry piss me right off. They are impossible to have a decent conversation with, for everything they say, think & do has been predecided for them by mass media & corporate rule. This may seem to be going a bit too dramatic for such a small comment on some stupid discussion board, but it happens every single day in millions of minds spanning world wide. Death is real -- killing is real. WAR IS REAL. Its not JUST another way for some asshole to make a buck...people die. Children cry, for the horrors of war are real.

I felt Gallipoli was a very well done film, & if Chonky is correct, I'll be watching a heck of alot more Aussie movies from now on. It's almost impossible to find a good fictional movie in Canada that isn't completely unrealistic & irrelevent. I would like to learn more about ANZAC. Anybody know anything more about it?

>>By moe   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 20:48)

why did both men eventually enlist?   (Monday, 31 Mar 2003 09:30)

If you are doing History in Year 11/12, Gallipoli is a great movie to watch. It helps you understand the different attitudes to war and reasons of going during WW1. The movie makes more sense if you study History. It leaves a huge impact on the veiwer.

>>By Moo!!   (Monday, 31 Mar 2003 14:55)

i think that ev is a psycho and should calm cown a bit, j only asked a question and ev shouldnt act like the ugly fukd up lil ho she is. chil grrl, it aint a big deal

>>By Eli   (Monday, 31 Mar 2003 15:06)

You have me intrigued! I hadn't heard of this movie, but some online Aussie friends mentioned it and got my curiousity up! Thanks for providing some comments and insight on the movie for us uninitiated!

BTW Evan, I agree that the comment from 'By J' was pretty thick, but I think yours rivals it in ignorance. Your slamming of Americans is generalization and stereotyping. Shame on you. In America, Aussies are thought of as really dumb Crocodile Dundee types by many people, but not all of us buy into that. Likewise, you might want to consider not buying into every stereotype you read about for Americans. Oh, can you read? You surely cannot write very well...


>>By century   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 05:18)

don't you just hate those hats they wear aint they just stupid i dont think so if you do i think i will cut you like a fish!!

>>By aZZa   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 06:30)

The ending in Gallipoli really annoyed me. I mean, he just got shot, what is that? If that bum Frank had just moved his lardass a bit faster, everyone would still be alive. I HATE THE ENDING OF THIS MOVIE!!! Everything else was good, however. The donkeys were a particular feature.

>>By Caitlin   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 06:31)


I believe the reason the movie ended in the manner it did was because Gallipoli was a tragic event that did not end on a happy note in real life, so why should it in the movie? The point about Frank moving his lard-ass (sic) faster is intended to make viewers think about the outcome had Archie been the runner.

Regards.   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 09:53)

Caitlin, if you watched carefully you would note the similarities between Archie winning the race by breaking the tape , and then getting shot, you would see that Peter Weir is trying to emulate a rivalry betwwen men, war as a sport, that sort of thing. What they didn't put in was the fact that there was a 4th wave of ANZACS that went over, and most were shot, resulting in a pile of bodies a metre high. There was another ending to the movie, Frank finding Archy's medals and not stuck to the wall with his bayonet, however, the provided ending was seen as more poignant.

>>By snooks   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 11:41)

hey guys,
I was wondering if you could help me with some of my assignment by helping answer these questions.
What is the image of Australia portrayed in this film?

What was the attitude of most Australians towards WW1 at the beginning of the film?

The Union Jack is prominently displayed at the athletics carnival and the fair at the beginning of the film, which countries flag is the Union Jack? Why is it being flown in Australia?

How did the presence of the Union Jack give some indication about Australia feelings and Australians relationships with other countries?

What was the relationship between Australian and British troops?

Describe the battle field at Gallipoli

Do you think the attitudes of some Australians towards the war changed during the Gallipoli campaign? Why?

What contributions to Australians future did Australians make at Gallipoli?

Thanks people

>>By Funky Chicken   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2003 09:11)

It's a pretty cool movie.
I had to compare it to a poem for year 11/12 english.
I recamend 'Beach Burial' by Kenneth Slessor. It's an awsome poem that desribes wat happened at the Gulf of Arabs in Egypt where they stopped the german advance.
it's pretty cool.


>>By pegleg   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 06:10)

What was the attitude of most Australians towards WW1 at the beginning of the film?

The war had only just begun in 1914 and most Australians were very eager to support the 'mother country' (Britain). There were many reasons other than this that men rushed to enlist, but the thing was that they didn't really know much, if anything about war.
This was mainly due to the government's efforts to conceal from the public the truth and horrors of war. People didn't even know why they were fighting and what had actually started the war.
Many saw it as a great opportunity for travel and adventure, thnking also that the war was supposed to be over pretty soon anyway (by Christmas).
In fact, a lot of young boys, even as young as 15, were so eager to go and fight that they would go to any length to get around the 18+ enlistment rule.   (Sunday, 4 May 2003 05:04)

Just wanna say that 'Gallipoli' was a sad movie... Although the ending was appropriate.. I didn't like it at all.

>>By Ari-chan   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 07:08)

I meant the ending...

>>By Ari-chan   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 07:09)

Gallipoli is the name of a place near Canakkale, a Turkish city. But I wonder wether there are other novels or movies about this war and about Gallipoli or canakkale.

>>By caffeine   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 23:31)

i am an aussie girl living in sydney. After reading all your comments on the movie Gallipoli, and about eachother, i am both shocked and dismayed to find out how little you know about WW1 in GALLIPOLI. for those who didnt understand it, there are many sites on the internet that can provide you with a greater meaning of this tragic event. do not dismiss what you dont understand. In sydney (where i attend highschool) we are expected to know all the ins and outs of each war and i think it would be great if other countries could learn about their neighbours. have a great day/night.
ps. hardly any aussies say GDAY or MATE

>>By mads   (Sunday, 18 May 2003 12:20)

FUNKY CHICKEN: in relation to;
The Union Jack is prominently displayed at the athletics carnival and the fair at the beginning of the film, which countries flag is the Union Jack? Why is it being flown in Australia?
How did the presence of the Union Jack give some indication about Australia feelings and Australians relationships with other countries?

the union jack is from ENGLAND. Britain is our (australias) mother country. we were colonised by the british a long time ago and lived under their rule during the war. australians felt a great duty to fight in Gallipoli as the French were threated and the british had an agreement with the French --> therefore australia had to help the british forces.

>>By kelly   (Sunday, 18 May 2003 12:27)

I believe that the final shot of Archy dieing was more than a good look, being a runner it can say that the final shot of Archy was like finishing one of his races (his body manner suggesting himself bursting across the finish line). This also gives the impression that it was such a waste to lose Archy in that way, it was if he had been wasted.

>>By G_oRoG>   (Monday, 19 May 2003 10:06)

hmm okay, so we hadda watch this movie in history, and while i get the main idea and all....what were like the main events? so archie and frank met and then archie wanted to enlist and frasnk didnt and then hmm what happened next? i guess frank tried to get in the calvary division, but couldnt ride the horse, but archie could, so they were seperated, and then at that mock war thingy they met up again and asked to be put in the same division because they were fast runners, then during the actual war events, archie was supposed to go do the running and all, but he said frank should do it cause he knew how scared frank was, then after all the going back and forth and stuff, frank had to get the notice to the general person that they should stop the trench warfare, but frank didnt get there in time, so archie died? is that the basic thing? am i missing anything important???

>>By sammie   (Tuesday, 20 May 2003 02:30)

Good movie, kind of refreshing that it did'nt have a stereotypical end. the cabbage english class I am in moaned at the way the story was cut short and how it "was so gay" because they did'nt get to see Frank rush out the trench with a machine gun and a bandana , mow down legions of obligingly screaming turks, and as chonky mentioned before have archie die in his arms.

Gallipoli gave a good insight into the the horror of the whole Anzac campaign and on a larger scale that of war itself, one thing that was nice was the way the campaign was presented from an Australian perspective which kiwis find surprisingly similar to their own.

The movie "Chunuk Bair" which is roughly as old as Gallipoli is based on a play script (once on Chunuk Bair) and documents the true experinces of the Wellington company when they took an important ridge near Anzac cove, while inferior to Gallipoli in terms of the set and quality of camerawork , it posess's many themes running parralel with it's australian counterpart such as that of the arrogance of General staff (which do featurea bit more strongly) , sacrifice and comraderie.

Both movies have very poignant themes which tend to be unappreciated by the masses and complement each other well , each presenting a perspective from the 2 British colonies involved in the campaign ,although dwarfed in terms of budget by it's (regardlessly good )brother from across the Tasman, Chunuk Bair could be worth a peek for those who really enjoyed Gallipoli.

- By the way-Moe is right about the way most movies are superfical and how they don't convey the true horors of war, this being one of the few that does, most movies coming out are complete crap. just mind candy, explosions, no plot and no depth.

>>By NZ bob   (Friday, 23 May 2003 12:28)

i rekon G_oRoG> has got the righ tidear, u have raised a great point, and should be congratulated!!! ill bring that point up in my school class, thanxs mate

>>By Briz HamIsh   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 11:11)

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