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renameAnt-MantoAnt Man ? Yes: 2 No: 6
renameIn BrudgestoIn Bruges ? Yes: 8 No: 0
renameThe Fabulous World Of AmelietoAmélie ? Yes: 7 No: 0
renameAvatar The Last Air BendertoAvatar: The Last Airbender ? Yes: 7 No: 0
renameIts Always Sunny In PhiladelphiatoIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia ? Yes: 6 No: 0
renameAvatar The Last AirbendertoAvatar: The Last Airbender ? Yes: 5 No: 0
renameSerial Experiments: LaintoSerial Experiments Lain ? Yes: 5 No: 0
renameDie Truman ShowtoThe Truman Show ? Yes: 5 No: 0
renameAsterix Mision CleopatratoAsterix Mission Cleopatra ? Yes: 4 No: 0
rename2001: A Space Oddityto2001: A Space Odyssey ? Yes: 2 No: 0