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renameAus der Mitte entspringt ein FlußtoA River Runs Through It ? Yes: 5 No: 9
renameA Streetcar Named DesiretoA Street Car Named Desire ? Yes: 3 No: 11
renameAlles Über AdamtoAbout Adam ? Yes: 5 No: 9
renameStreetcar named DesiretoA Street Car Named Desire ? Yes: 6 No: 6
renameAqwamarinetoAquamarine ? Yes: 9 No: 2
renameThe hateful 8toThe Hateful Eight ? Yes: 7 No: 2
renameThe ArrivaltoArrival ? Yes: 1 No: 1
renameBesser gehts nichttoAs Good As It Gets ? Yes: 1 No: 1
renameShingeki No KyojintoAttack On Titan ? Yes: 2 No: 0
renameAvengers End GametoAvengers: endgame ? Yes: 2 No: 0