Hey there! Have anyone seen X? Or X/1999? It's the same.
It's the first animated version of the manga of the same name, by [the wonderful, divine, manga godesses] CLAMP. The manga has been published in many countries around the world, it's considered as CLAMP's top work, eventhough it's unfinished and for almost 2 years it has been stuck in vol.18.

Anyway, the movie it's just so great!!! It was released in 1996, with Rin Taro as director.
The animation it's perfect, even nowadays it's astonishing whenever you see it [thanx Madhouse!!!].
The plot does not follows the manga, as the movie was made when there were around 5 volumes, and it counts with an exclusive character (Shougo Asahi).
The music... oh, the music!!! It does gives you the exact feeling of anguish and some sort of sadness... the OST is very recommendable.

>>By Sakura Sumeragi   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 00:13)

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