Wings Of Desire


revealing.....touching......amazingly poetic....

>>By solaris   (Saturday, 22 Feb 2003 20:19)

WOD changed my life (or at least my understanding of movies)

>>By the curious orange   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 02:15)

WOD changed my life as well. At 19, it and Camus were amazing lights...amazingly...WOD created the love of literature in me. Explain that!!!
Library scene is possibly my favorite scenes in all of cinema.

>>By Warsaw   (Tuesday, 5 Aug 2003 07:33)

The dvd extras are worth a look. They give insight into Wender's motivation for the movie, and into some of the scenery. The echoes of the past and the consequences of the past (the Berlin wall) reverberate throughout the movie, but to the angels, they are just a fleeting moment.

>>By mathemaniac   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 18:42)

Wings of Desire is one movie that always straightens me out and has me feeling better after viewing it. It has melancholy moments throughout the film so I am not sure I totally understand my reaction. Partly, it is the noticing of all the tiny details of life and the continuity of the history of the city. A cigarette rolling across a street and the observation of the streets being based on Roman roads are two small examples.

The desire to observe, to help and to be a part of life.

If one were to ask me what my favorite film is, this film would be my answer.

>>By klimtone   (Friday, 1 Feb 2008 22:49)

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