West Side Story


My favorite movie, a tale of star-crossed lovers in the Upper West Side 1961.

>>By Alli   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 00:51)

WEST SIDE STORY is a film, that, although enjoyable on TV, video, or DVD,
really and truly belongs on a great big, wide screen, in a REAL movie theatre, with the lights down low! Although it's a wonderful film to be seen at any time of the day, seeing this great classic film in the evening seems to add even more glow to this entire movie. Since WEST SIDE STORY is my alltime favorite movie, I have attended virtually every screening of it in revival movie theatres in my area (the ONE exception was two years ago last March, when a screening of it in my area conflicted directly with my Dad's memorial, so I was unable to make it.), and I even drove down to NYC in early October 2001 to see a special 40th-year anniversary screening of the film WEST SIDE STORY at Radio City Music Hall.
When WEST SIDE STORY is shown on a great, big wide screen in a movie theatre, everything about this great classic film appears to take on a magical, almost 3-dimensional quality. The scenery seems more expansive--you can see ALL of everything, and the richly-colored costumes and photography complete with great photographic special affects appear brighter and more intense than ever. The great Bernstein score seems much more intense and brighter , also. The various characters in this great film, from TONY and MARIA's romance to the warring JETS and SHARKS seem to move much more freely and fluidly, and in a much wider, more open space. The dancing scenes, especially in the JET SONG/PROLOGUE, the DANCE at the GYM, AMERICA, the RUMBLE scene, and the COOL scene appear especially dynamic on a great, big wide screen. Even Richard Beymer, (who I've always regarded as sort of a weak, lacklustre TONY) appears more dynamic in the romance scenes. Having said all of the above, whether you've never seen WEST SIDE STORY at all, or have not seen it in a movie theatre on a great, big wide screen, or are a devout fan like me, who attends every movie-theatre screening of this great classic that she can, I recommend that the next time WEST SIDE STORY comes to a REAL movie theatre to be shown in your area on the great, big wide screen, that you JUMP at the opportunity to see it!! It's a wonderfully rich experience that you'll never forget!

>>By Miki   (Saturday, 5 Jul 2003 18:07)

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