yo yo sup my homies this is chicklet pixie i belong in the hood where me and me homies move! we tought da movie water world was slammen!! make another da water world

>>By Chicklet Pixie   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 03:17)

Waterworld sucked, very much. I'm pretty sure they lost money on that film, did they not? That pretty much speaks for itself, that's ignoring the purely wooden acting portrayed by almost all of the characters.

>>By movienut   (Friday, 13 Dec 2002 19:15)

i thought it was really good and there was some romance in it which wsas good 2 i mean u wanted to know what happened next! they shoudl make a second movie to were she goes after him and all 3 of them live happily ever after u know what i mean i think they made a good amount of money off of the movie
it was great

>>By *jessica   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 23:51)

yah.... rock and roll
Costner of the port bow
*pirate noises*

Oil man says hi....

>>By fistcity   (Friday, 24 Jan 2003 22:48)

i thot waterwlord wos gud you no wot i meen i have lost my powers of sentence stuctrure and putncuashion nd speeling coz i am a moron

>>By Jeremy   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 16:16)

Hey, movienut, you're so full of crap! I poured my heart and soul into the wooden acting! How dare you judge me? Answer me this, dickless, how many movies have you ever made? Are you fabulously wealthy? Can you even write your own nickname with a capital letter? I believe Movie Nut is two words, not one! When I saw what you'd written I thought it was some kind of French! If you all don't like it, you can form a line behind me and kiss my ass! Incidentally, a sequel was proposed in whihc we all lived happily ever after on a boat but it was predictred to be less profitable than the original.

>>By Kevin Costner   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 16:32)

YO biotches you guys are a bunch of bitches and u should die. that was a good movie i think. maybe since i havent watched it in 30 years.

>>By MUXY   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 16:41)

I think water world is one of the best movies ive seen ill i think about is is the earth gonna be coverd in water. Are we all gonna forget are past an change into fish if so i think scientist would be amazed cuz they never thought of it. waterworld is the coolest.

>>By waterworld   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 16:48)

Waterworld is the best dang movie ever!!!!! Nobody liked it but me. Sometimes I watch it over and over again and see how many times I can watch it in one day. It sounds like I'm crazy, but after a hard day at work, it really is relaxing. The thought of a new world is amazing.

>>By Aunt Eileen   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 06:56)

I liked Waterworld, i wonder why did it bomb....
Hello Kevin!!!!! you rule!!!!!!i want to see you again in another movie someday

>>By Xander   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 05:22)

U can not see a film like this a well produced, very great actor and character,simply amazing, unique and very well performed.
Highly recommended for all the viewers!
Approve, two thumbs Up!

Job well done Direct

>>By Emerson Clorado   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 16:36)

First of all, a shameless plug:

For those of you who liked Waterworld, check out http://wwmovie.tripod.com !!

Second, I thought Waterworld was great. It wasn't EXCELLENT, but it was entertaining, which is what it was supposed to be. Most of the bad criticism is one: from people who haven't even seen it, and two: because they ran into problems while filming, which blew the budget to a crazy amount. Because of that, critics bashed it before it even came out. (And as a note, after showing in theatres world wide and other miscellaneous sales, it DID make some money.)

If you are the type who likes a very deep story line and tries to spot plot holes in movies, you probably won't like Waterworld, but if you simply watch movies to be entertained (especially if you like the action and post-apoc genres), you'll love it.

>>By Gorax   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 21:40)

what can i say it was a great movie a real classic but since this discussion seems to have been dead for awhile theres not much point in me writing much more

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Tuesday, 22 Feb 2005 04:07)

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