War Of The Worlds


I have a website dealing with the book, 'War of the Worlds' at
but I have not been able to see the movie yet. The 1953 movie version strayed quite a little from the original story. I am wondering if anyone who's read the book has seen the movie. If so, did you think it was pretty faithful to the book?

>>By lovecraftfan   (Tuesday, 5 Jul 2005 04:49)

I saw the movie on Sunday. It was really good! Full of suspense...I was scared through parts of it. Definitly worth to see I'd say.

>>By Jane   (Thursday, 7 Jul 2005 05:27)


the first half was absolutely brilliant! short setup, frantic action, intense atmosphere, i was on the edge of my seat. in the second half though (from the moment on they entered that basement), it lost it's steam. and when the frenetic energy to push things forward wasn't there anymore, all the weak spots of the story were even clearer to see i.m.o. the relationship between cruise and his son - i didn't buy that for a second. you could see from frame one how this whole thing would lead to the "i love you dad-i love and respect you son" hug in the end - bleh. also, the scenes with the probe in the basement were just incredibly stupid. a mirror fools it? and then, why did it come back later on? was it such a strategically important basement in the middle of nowhere that it had to be checked twice? made no sense. and why are these aliens unable to talk some kind of language and just growl and snarl like they're "MONSTERSSS"? finally, the family reunion scene in the end was just an ordeal to suffer through (although it only lasted for 40 seconds).
i loved the prologue and the epilogue though, with freeman narrating. nicely set things up. as i said, the first part of the film is brilliant, but spielberg fucks the last half/ third up, as usual in his recent movies (minority report anyone?). still a must see, if only for the burning train scene - crazy shit!


>>By ebolart   (Friday, 8 Jul 2005 16:10)

why did they spray the blood everywhere?

and at the start there's an EMP that knocks out every electrical device in the city.... cars don't work, watches don't work, phones don't work, lights don't work, etc, etc...... so why was there some guy outside filming with his cam-corder????????????????????

i'd really like an answer to that

>>By kurn-ell   (Thursday, 14 Jul 2005 00:01)

the two biggest foul ups of the movie happen in the end. Most obviously the family reniun where the son should be dead and that house reduce to rubble or at least the windows broken. Alsois it just me or does it seem odd that a 3 million year old plan and no one stop to go 'they got cooties' but its the whole point of the story so i wont complain bout it to much. O and one glaring thing, A Boeing 747 crashes on your house but the car in the drive way isnt even scratched?

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Thursday, 14 Jul 2005 01:24)

well because it is a "3 million year old plan" it's possible that the toxic elements in the air weren't around when they set it up back in the past.... the house may have been on the aliens "to do" list.... and sometimes a 747 just misses your car..... the son should be dead yes.... but if you don't actually see someone die in a film then they're not dead

>>By kurn-ell   (Thursday, 14 Jul 2005 04:12)

there were still germs in the enviroment and theres no way there arent any on the aliens planet either. It'd take a really ignorant race of people not kinda check on these things. I mean honestly the machines must have been planeted before man kind was waddling around in that span of time even the life forms on the aliens planet would have evovled too. but its really irelevent way to big of a plot whole to actually discuss. As for the car i still stand by the fact it should be toast, it was like 20 feet from the nose of the plane and didnt have a single mark on it. not even some debri on the roof. there was a freakin fire ball in the basement but none in the drive way? not to mention the fact the fire that erupted through all the windows in the basement didnt come through the window in the back of the room they fled to? there was a little window back there the whole time as a giant fire is going all around and yet its pitch black in the room. that whole scenerio was rittled with mistakes. there were the shock waves and earthquakes and all the other destruction but that one biulding was untouched. I mean the one dudes basement was searched three times but the little boston block wasnt even touched. There wasnt any eveidence that half the world had just been destroyed.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Friday, 15 Jul 2005 00:20)

"I mean honestly the machines must have been planeted before man kind was waddling around"

this would be one perfectly good reason for them not to be able to cope with earthern bacteria.... we've forced the evolution of bacteria and viruses way faster than it would normally occur through the use of chemicals and anti-biotics.... the germs on the planet today would be super-germs compared to those that were around millions of years ago

"even the life forms on the aliens planet would have evovled too"

not necessarily, it's possible for a species to exist for extended periods without evolving.... sharks have been basically the same for way more than 3 million years... more than 100 million i think

>>By kurn-ell   (Friday, 15 Jul 2005 04:32)

i see your point with the germs we have created many strains of 'super germs' through our tinkering but microscopic organisms evolve and mutate at an extremely more rapid rate then say sharks, sloths and humans. Theres is no compensating for the simple fact an advanced race was ignorant to the danger microscopic organisms on alien planets. Personally i give it alot of leeway since the idea is very good and hard to get across. I think it was best done in The Adromeda Strain by Micheal Crichton. Although the idea is reversed.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Friday, 15 Jul 2005 08:40)

First film of Spielberg ever that disappointed me. Even without a story like in this one there are really some unlogical parts in it.....,quite an achievement. Maybe Spielberg is losing inspiration by his age now. Anyway, the film was boring. Had a hard time not to fall asleep.
No more war of the worlds for me.

>>By Sanvean   (Monday, 15 Aug 2005 22:36)

I saw this movie when it came out, I loved it! I am now a bit nervous when lightning comes about, hehe. I liked that it was scary as well as suspensful.

>>By n0elchristine   (Tuesday, 22 Nov 2005 16:47)

"First film of Spielberg ever that disappointed me."

You must have missed AI then


>>By kurn-ell   (Sunday, 22 Jan 2006 00:08)

why is tom cruize such a loser

>>By manson_is_sexy   (Sunday, 22 Jan 2006 06:40)

Though the film disappointed me i don't see why Tom CruiSe
should be a loser. But probably my definition of a 'loser' ain't the same as yours, ms. manson_is_sexy. What's a loser to your opinion?

>>By Sanvean   (Sunday, 22 Jan 2006 09:45)

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