Virgin Suicides


I hated the book, but hey, the friend I went with was paying, so I actually sat through it....well, most of it, anyway. Despite my dislike of the film, I will grudgingly admit Coppola's little girl has finally found her niche. She is a good director.

>>By redcatdave   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 00:32)

I kind of liked it it was sad happy but old in a way! i dont lik old movies they really bug me!! i only watch 3/4 of iy but i liked wat i saw despite how much i hate movies set back in the older times!!

>>By jojo!   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 14:41)

The Virgin Suicides was a very good movie I think. I especially like how they had Kirsten Dunst's character. But i don't get why the author calss it the VIRGIN suicides. Kirsten's character has sex with Josh Hartnett's character before she kills herself!!

>>By Keri   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 22:12)

it made me want to kill myself with my sister. is that weird?

>>By peanut   (Wednesday, 24 Dec 2003 08:58)

This movie is completely overrated. It's the fascination of the suicides-the mystery. Maybe Lost in Translation is better.

>>By Monroe36   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 16:30)

I thought it was gonna be better. I was disappointed.

>>By Sandr   (Wednesday, 18 Feb 2004 02:56)

I Loved The Movie
It has everything that high school is about boys dances and strict parents

>>By Kayla-bug   (Friday, 20 Feb 2004 00:25)

It doesn't matter that Lexi had sex before she killed herself. The film is not technically about being a virgin, and killing yourself. The virgin part would be in regards I think to the girls youth. And to understand the movie, you have to fully understand the weight of the girls home lives. After Cecila killed herself, their parents (especially the mother), felt as if she were a failure. So therefore that was what all the strictness was about.

>>By FaiereDust21   (Saturday, 21 Feb 2004 08:26)

Also that they're leaving prayer cards with the holy virgin on them everywhere (Cecilia is clutching one the first time she tries to kill herself)... musn't forget that.

>>By Del   (Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004 18:58)

i loved the movie and the book! jeffrey eugenides is a beautiful writer, and sofia coppola did a excellent job writing the screen play! the movie was very quiet and slow, almost dreamy. but you have to remember that the story is based on the memories of the boys who loved the girls and will never forget them!

>>By mrs. rosewater   (Friday, 16 Apr 2004 00:57)

I liked the movie, but havnt read the book. i understood wat is was about and everything, but i didnt feel as if it was complete, it left me expecting something more, and a little unsatisfied. i think there is more into it, i just dont kno wat it is... can anyone help me on this??

>>By k8 T Pie   (Friday, 16 Apr 2004 08:38)

Yes, but I think, the film should end with the suicides. I don't like those things who happened afterwards.

But in fact it's a great film, I like the pictures and the fact, that nothing is perfect in this (un)perfect world. Wherever you look closer, there's always something wrong even it seems to be perfect.

>>By Moay   (Wednesday, 5 May 2004 18:31)

what happened in the story is true to life! one minute they were there, and the next they weren't. nothing else ever happened in their lives. . .but everyone else went on! the whole story is from the boys perspective, not the girls. . .

>>By mrs. rosewater   (Thursday, 6 May 2004 00:00)

The story is from the boys perspective, what they could see from watching these girls. To them the girls were a mystery, because of their home life, because of their beauty, their sisters suicide and the lack of boys except when kirsten and josh got together. The girls knew that the boys watched them in their everyday lives so they decided to let them watch the end of it to. The end of their lives was there way of saying *f%$@ you* to their parents, they wernt allowed to do anything that normal teenagers were allowed to do. They were locked in doors towards the end and not allowed out, so the girls decided to do something that their parents couldnt control, their own deaths. This story is beautifull because it is true. You watch it and can relate to the girls having crushes, their grief and pain, their parents. I think this movie is brilliant

>>By Mayndi   (Sunday, 8 Aug 2004 18:43)

I think both the book and movie were brilliant!
I loved the symbolism around Cecilias death ( in the book). The way that she started menstruating before she dies, the fact that the fence went through her heart, and the fence itself - it symbolising Cecilia being on the fence between the purity of youth and the "impurity" of womanhood, dead because she couldn't stay on one side and refused to go to the other.

>>By salix   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 20:04)

Ist ihr denn niemand aus Deutschland/Germany??? *g*

Der Film is super!
Allerdings hat er auch nich viel mehr Hintergrund als eine übertrumpfende Mutter, ein introvertierter Dad und Töchter die einfach nur verzweifelt sind. Aber das schöne an diesem Film ist nunmal dieses dramatische. Ich könnte es mir sehr gut vorstellen dass sie keinen anderen Ausweg mehr fanden. Dass man den Film trotz dem Sex The VIRGIN Suicides nennen kann find ich schon. Denn irgendwo war ja auch Kirsten noch jungfräulich.......

>>By Xander2000   (Sunday, 31 Oct 2004 16:48)

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