what the hell is versus about ?

>>By Parris Watkins   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 16:46)

evil wizard dude needs the blood of his ancient samuri nemesis and his princess - he failed a long time ago, so needs to wait till the 2 of them are reincarnated at the same time, so he can use their blood to give himself some badass powers. whole thing takes place in the forest of resurrection, so all the people that have been buried there by the yakuza start walkin around and trying to kill everyone there.

>>By chiv   (Saturday, 21 Dec 2002 11:50)

Versus, big surprise delight. I had heard this film mentioned around the 'net and figured I'd pick it up, knowing nothing about it really. I was completely amazed at how great this movie is.
You have elements from all kinds of other great movies like; the Evil Dead and the Night of the Living Dead trilogies, Six-String Samurai, The Matrix, and Highlander all wrapped up into an orignal, violent, and hilarious film. I didn't care for some of the editing though. It made it a little unclear as to what exactly happens in some scenes, but there is enough little details through out the entire film to make up for it.
Some really funny characters, an excellent musical score, and just a ton of memorable moments. I really wish they'd make a sequel to this one to fill us in on what events led up to the final scene.

>>By Led Gopher   (Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003 06:38)

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