Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders


Valerie and her week of wonders is in my opinion an absolutly fabulas film. It's a beautiful and enchanting Chezh fairytale, it's unique and definitly one of a kind. Often European Gothic horrer fantasy works better in black and white, this film is one of the exeptions, despite the obvious age of the footage, the colour works beautifly. Films done in colour in Europe at the time this film was made were often dull compared to their black and white counterparts, yet this one isn't. Even in 2002 the film seems incredibly modern. The film is most definitly a rare but beautiful gem. The film is very immediate and almost impossible to understand, yet you feel as if your watching something amazing and it's absolutly never tiresome to watch. It will hold you from start to finish, even on successive viewings. The story concerns a main protaganist called Valerie who meanders through an amazing world of witches, demons, vampires, ghosts, and many other ingrediants of European Gothic Horror Fantasy. But unlike it's many contempories this is not bloodcurdling and macabre, but incredibly enchanting. The film has a slow pace but not a boring one, it's very relaxing to view and always uplifting. The film will enchant you, it sucks you into it's fairytale world, the film is an experiance, it's a bit like drinking Absinthe. It's romantic, sensual, and evokes an east european atmosphere. One viewing will not be enough you'll want to come back for more. Drink some Sebor Absinthe while you watch it, this film and Absinthe go together so well, and there both Chezh. This lovely and enchanting film will definatly put a spell on you, or a curse!

>>By Eagle   (Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 03:30)

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