This movie blew me away. Now, I was a fan of Shakespeare before seeing this, so I knew the language wouldn't be too off-putting. And with that behind me I was free to just revel in the truly awesome cinematography used. Each shot was almost a painting, with a perfect melding of times used without.

Anthony Hopkins as Titus was sturn, stubborn, and brilliant. I'm not a huge fan of Hopkins' other work, but in this he truly shone. His descent into despair and madness was believable, in a Shakespearean kind of way, and the scene in the bathtub illustrates this perfectly.

Alan Cumming is a favourite of mine, and he didn't let me down. He has Saturninus' slimy nature down to a tee. You can see the greed in his eyes, as takes the Goth Queen Tamora (Jessica Lange) as his bride.

And, because all movies should have a little something to look at, Tamora's son Chiron is played by none other than the god himself, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Tight red leather pants, gyrating on top of a pool table. Yes please. His brother Demetrius (Matthew Rhy - no relation) is pretty nice to look at as well. Oh, and they both acted their parts brilliantly.

The dark humour of this movie suits me perfectly, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Go see it!

>>By Splunk   (Monday, 8 Dec 2003 14:27)

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