The Wrestler


I was pretty sure I was going to like this movie ‘cause I really dig Aronofsky’s work. He is definitely one of the best young directors out there and he certainly didn’t disappoint with this flcik. He showed a little range with this character study and I really look forward to more of his work over the years. Can’t really say how much I appreciated some of the things Aronofsky did in this movie without throwing in a bunch of spoilers, but trust me, his fourth movie definitely shows his continuing growth and proof that he’s not a flash in the pan.

Now, to adress the alleged big story. Yes…Mickey Rourke was pretty freakin’ good in this flick, but as to all the hype about this being his ‘comeback movie’... I don’t get it. Rourke has been with us pretty consistently for three decades now. OK…he made a few bad decisions in the 90’s (HD and Marlboro Man comes to mind), but most actors with 50+ movies in their resumes have made a few that we all wish they hadn’t. While not necessarily the leading man/box office draw he once was, he has still had some good roles in very memorable recent movies. A few of the 15 movies he has made in the last ten years include: Get Carter, The Pledge, Spun, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and who could forget his role in Sin City. While these flicks may not have been Oscar nominees, they were pretty solid efforts in my humble opinion. Not trying to be disagreeable, just saying Mickey never went anywhere really and I, for one, am glad. I really dig the cat, and he turned in an awesome performance in The Wrestler.

>>By buddhalou   (Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009 18:45)

i've yet to see it but it'll certainly on my *short-list*.
what a strange career arc Mickey Roarke has travelled ...
from the "next Brando / James Dean" accolades of his early "Pope Of Greenwich Village / "Barfly" work to years of obscurity & (stumle-bum) professioal boxing & back to having Hollywood by the balls.
kinda interesting to see if he's back long term as an industry 'A-lister' or if he drifts back into the artistic wasteland that has been his domain for the last twenty years.

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 25 Apr 2009 19:46)

oh yes
the HEAVILY computer-altered Mickey was mucho-good
in "Sin City"

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 25 Apr 2009 19:49)

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