The Silence


This movie, made in the sixties, is one of the most cryptic of Bergman' s films . It provoked turmoil, it was banned in many countries. it was forbidden for decades and unavailable if impossible to get.
Known as part of Bergman' s 'Faith Trilogy' ( a trio of very complex movies on deep and painful psychological subjects) You wonder nowadays why all the fuss?
I thought this viewing a great experience, there is so much to talk about, and I found it not only challenging but engrossing. Difficult to swallow in one viewing, you'll come back again and again, and the more you do the more there is for you to discover. I've seen it three time and of course is in my list of constant re-viewing.
Is like the drawing of Escher, nothing is what it seems, and the logic of things is different each time.
Is like with Classic Music, Pieces that at first sound demanding, dense or simply boring, but as you go on patiently listening to it, you'll find something start changing and after a while the Music has become part of the sounds you love and communicate with and open the gate to a stream of new names and masterpieces.

>>By Elliotz   (Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012 14:36)

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