The Silence Of The Lambs


What is the song that is playing while "Buffalo Bill" dances naked in front of the mirrror?
Please help!!!


>>By riddler   (Monday, 16 Dec 2002 04:58)

The song is "Goodbye Horses", by Q. Lazzarus. Obscure artist ... song can be found on the Married to the Mob soundtrack, but unfortunately, that soundtrack is out of print and very hard to find.
The artist's songs have been used in other Jonathan Demme pictures, and the artist makes an appearance in Philadelphia during the costume party scene, as a singer.

>>By J Dog   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 08:39)

Does any1 know the song in the background while buffalo bill is sewing naked... its the scene just after they open up the moth. Any info would be great.....

>>By James   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 15:32)

The song is "Alone" by Colin Newman it is available on the album Colin Newman A-Z, Colin Newman is better known fro being a band member of the Wire, then his solo work.

The Frog

>>By Frog26   (Sunday, 9 Feb 2003 00:11)

can anybody tell me how to do the Anthony Hopkins fava bean lip smack?

>>By moi!   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 12:20)

Nice to see you again Clarisse . . .

>>By Dr. Lecter   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 18:29)

what does the moth represent

>>By stace dog   (Monday, 12 May 2003 05:37)


>>By ciaman911   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 07:53)

The moth represents change. Buffalo Bill hates his own identity, and, just as a moth changes, Gumb wants to change, from himself into a woman.

>>By Budd   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 19:52)

Could Anthony Hopkins be any more brilliant than in this film? The answer is no. Hannibal Lector is perhaps one of the creepiest and disturbing characters to ever be in a movie.

>>By The Chief   (Monday, 28 Jul 2003 22:12)

I watched it this sunday..... and i think it's a really great movie to watch. Antony Hopkins is just great, i liked the Haniball

>>By Lincoln   (Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004 13:17)

This is one of the greatest movies ever made, its only competition being its prequel, Red Dragon, and its sequel, Hannibal. I have great respect for Hannibal Lecter.

>>By PeartreePartridge   (Wednesday, 18 Aug 2004 17:58)

ah........ oh so beautiful and disturbing

let me set it in stone
Hannibal is the Protagonist
Clarice is a filler character
and Buffalo Bill is the Antagonist

its as good as the book.... but the movie, Hannibal was a waste of time and money, in my opinion....... but this.... this is beautiful...

>>By bagelboy13   (Sunday, 22 Aug 2004 07:56)

Difficult to accept Julian Moore as the new FBI agent after Jodie. Why didnt she want to continue with the series? Also, has anyone seen Manhunter? Supposedly it is the first and original film with Hannibal Lector.

>>By Hume Ungus   (Wednesday, 1 Sep 2004 22:34)

"Manhunter", directed by Michael Mann, post Miami Vice and pre-pre-pre-pre "Collateral" (starring Tom Cruise and currently in cinemas). Based on the novel "Red Dragon" and please ignore the god-awful version featuring Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes and Edward Norton, unless you want a paint-by-numbers version of the story. "Manhunter" features Will Petersen from TV's "CSI" and Brian Cox (brilliant) as arguably the better Hannibal Lector. You should be able to find a copy of it in your local blockbuster, videoEZY or whatever company that has the VHS/DVD library monopoly in your neighbourhood. It's a favourite with video store clerks.

>>By Hot Newt   (Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 05:50)

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