The Saint


what was the quote? give me chastity and give me.... but not just yet

>>By ss   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 22:00)

try to find the background music

>>By bella   (Saturday, 8 Feb 2003 17:31)

for rulers who had gold...

>>By emma rusell   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 19:15)

I'm looking for an AVI file with the little drawn man "The Saint"


>>By Me but Not You   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 10:26)

Looking for the name of the song or the artist for the piece at the beginning of the movie.

>>By Beto   (Monday, 19 Jan 2004 23:02)

I am looking for the name of the song that is playing in the start of the closing CREDITs of THE SAINT....sounds like The Cure or something. email the answer anytime

>>By dballz42   (Wednesday, 23 Jun 2004 16:51)

well, i am kinda late with the response, but the song you're talking about is "Out of my mind" and it's by Duran Duran.
actually i am just listening to it- i fell in love with it when i saw the credits!!!!
The movie is totally amazing!!! i am going to add it to my favourites now!!!:)))))))))
I won't say a word about Val-the genious!!!:)))))

>>By Eli_Molko   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 01:18)

You really liked this movie Eli?

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004 08:54)

i adooooooored the movie!!! why are you asking? i am not loving only "deep" movies with an idea and a context...i love all kinds of depends from the movie itself.i liked this one very very much! and i can't stop listening to that duran duran song in the end...i am listening to it for 3rd day non stop!:))))))
so didn't like it?

>>By Eli_Molko   (Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004 14:30)

It was so long ago that I saw it, I can't really remember.

>>By spikee   (Thursday, 21 Oct 2004 02:33)

you have to watch it now!!!! i reccomend it to you!:)))

>>By Eli_Molko   (Thursday, 21 Oct 2004 10:35)

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