The Razor's Edge


Doing my annual viewing of the Bill Murray version of Somerset Maughamn's The Razor's Edge and it continues to be clear that while Murray obviously cared deeply for the novel, he could have chosen a better director to control him.

While it is important to always remember when viewing a movie version of a novel that this is a movie version and not the novel, Murray puts a tad too much Murray's silly charm into the Larry Darrell character. Director John Byrum should have controlled Murray more.

That said, Byruum did do a fine job overall with the look of the movie, as well, as the performances of everyone else.

The concern may have been that the Larry Darrell character is too serious and dry and Murray adding Murrayisms (late 20th Century slang -- especially at the end "You just don't get it" -- in an early 20th Century period) would compensate for this.

It flaws the movie that was made with love, and because of that it still holds up in its overall expansiveness.

While the original Oscar-winning version of 1946 with Tyrone Power is closer to the novel (including keeping Maughamn in as a character), Power's Darrell is much dryer and slightly charmless.

But I still watch that one -- on New Year's Day.

(I reread the novel frequently too.)


>>By rrykken   (Thursday, 25 Dec 2003 18:06)

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