The Quiet Man


I think this is possibly one of the best movies ever made. Not one line of dialogue is wasted.
Oddly enought the background story of trouble between tha Protestants and the Catholics still continues today, with much more serious results.

The scene in the cemetary when the rain wets John Wayne white silk shirt rendering it transparent to me is the sexiest scene ever captured on film.

The chemistry between John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara is so real it's like peeking in windows watching them.

I have seen this film dozens of times and it never gets old!

The verbal bantering and wisecracking just slaps a smile on my face everytime.

I fall in love all over again everytime!

>>By Pickle   (Friday, 17 Oct 2003 04:36)

hi pickle :) we are agree: The Quiet Man is one of the best movies ever made :). is a pity that young people arent interested in discover the old films. is a real pity that they understimate the films, the art, just for being old. here some curiosities about the movie:

-The Quiet Man is, perhaps, the favourite movie of Steven Spielberg. The movie is paid tribute by at least 2 spielberg films: the famous kiss between o`hara and john wayne is impersonated in E.T. by Elliot with a girl in of his class... the other film is 1941 (written by Bob Zemeckis, but directed by Spielberg).. the famous fight between John Wayne and Victor McLaglen is copicated in the spielberg movie with a scene of many people fighting in a bar, and for make patent the tribute, you can hear something similar to the soundtrack of The Quiet Man

somebody told that a book that cannot be read more than once, isn´t worth reading... i dont know if this little aphorism can be applied to movies. but, as Pickle says uplines, you can see this film dozens of times without boring , and it will never get old.

You, young flork pal that never watch "old movies", please :) watch this one. download it or borrow it from your public library. give the classic movies a chance with that one :) you will laugh a lot, and you will enjoy with a good story excellently told :)... (if dont, you can search me and brake my legs :P)

>>By Jim_Hawkins   (Wednesday, 23 Nov 2005 22:16)

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