The Ninth Gate


Can anyone help me with the finer details of how the engravings depict things that happen to Dean Corso in the movie?

>>By brothermad   (Saturday, 8 Feb 2003 18:16)

did anybody else think the ending for this film was really quite poor in comparison to the rest of the film? All that information given all the way through, the build up, and at the end all you see is Johnny Depp walk into a castle... now i understood the film but of all the fantastic endings they could have used i think this ending was poor.

i have still yet to see a bad Johnny Depp film though.. not a single one of his performances has been bad. x

>>By spookygoth   (Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007 13:51)

I found the end a bit confusing,and didnt totally get it, could you enlighten me?!!

>>By scarletnikki   (Saturday, 12 Apr 2008 01:35)

Well, as far as i could make out, the girl is the Devil. Depp, in searching for the book, ultimately starts to want the same thing as the others, ie, a way to 'materialize' the Devil. But the Devil has selected him out of all the others. Not sure why.
I read the book that the movie's based on, and that makes even less sense. Different ending, though.

>>By littlebrownie   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008 17:58)

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