The Mighty Ducks


i just wanted to say that i think that the mighty ducks is a rlly great movie!!!! and that adam banks hair is the best!!!!!!!

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 07:09)

i second that!!!!!!!banksie is sooooooooooooooo HOTT!!!

>>By Banks_luver23   (Thursday, 14 Aug 2003 03:42)

geez we just seem to be talkin in all of em bout the ducks lol!!!! more ppl sure join us cuz the ducks rule lol!!!!! by the way im gonna third it just cuz lol

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Thursday, 14 Aug 2003 06:51)

i know we r the only ones who talk to n e more i dunno y cuz i was talking to this girl who use to talk on it ......her name was duck lover and she says that it wont let her talk on this n e more cuz she had her limit or some thing so thats y we only have a lil bit of people so ...yea

>>By Banks_luver23   (Friday, 15 Aug 2003 03:20)

hey i love the mighty ducks movies

>>By mighty ducks_bashbrothers_sexy   (Friday, 15 Aug 2003 17:10)

is anyone in here

>>By mighty ducks_bashbrothers_sexy   (Friday, 15 Aug 2003 17:11)


>>By mighty ducks_bashbrothers_sexy   (Friday, 15 Aug 2003 17:31)

is anyone here

>>By reed_portman_lover1   (Saturday, 16 Aug 2003 01:10)

yay more ppl join us lol!!! haha, i hope that there is no limit that would just be cheap lol hahaha anyways talk ppl talk haha

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Monday, 18 Aug 2003 01:54)

WOW! ive been waitin for this movie discussion to be up-and-running for a long time! im sooo happy that theres other ppl that love the Ducks as much as i do...I practically quote parts from the movies every day! lol

>>By Banks grl 99   (Monday, 18 Aug 2003 03:25)

haha well join us lol..........the ducks abosolutly rule hahaha now r lil fan club is forming eh banks_luver 23 hahahahaha lol anyways the ducks rule lol

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Monday, 18 Aug 2003 04:36)

almost evrything i said like got erased ...wat happened?!?!?!

>>By Banks_luver23   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 02:40)

yea i know it is soo weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... kinda creepy lol

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 04:23)

OK does anyone know whats goin on in here? Half of the convo is GONE!!! I second that IS creepy! Well lets juss hope the "good parts" arent yeah, and Banksie's hott! Well bye 4 now!

>>By Banks grl 99   (Sunday, 14 Sep 2003 06:20)

no i have no idea but its startin to piss me off hehehe

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Thursday, 18 Sep 2003 03:39)

Hey I love the mighty duck and have watched it a bunch of times. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to get pictures. If u do know please tell me.

>>By bankscutie99   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 02:03)

is anyone in here now?

>>By dux18   (Saturday, 25 Oct 2003 02:59)

ive never done this stuff b4, i dont kno how it works

>>By dux18   (Saturday, 25 Oct 2003 03:00)


>>By dux18   (Saturday, 25 Oct 2003 03:02)

no there most likely wont be another mighty ducks according to joshua jackson ...grrrr

>>By captain~duck   (Monday, 21 Jun 2004 02:44)

In some ways, the story of the 'Mighty Ducks' is a metaphor for the far greater struggle of the perpetual 'Duck' against the architypal 'Hawk'.

>>By Springbok86   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 21:55)

hey chrissy im bak yea it sux it got like all deleted

>>By Banks_luver23   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 22:23)

and how come the mighty ducks 3 one doesnt work either?

>>By Banks_luver23   (Friday, 6 Aug 2004 17:40)

i guess it does........

>>By Banks_luver23   (Friday, 6 Aug 2004 17:50)

HEY Banks_Luver23~! long time no talk haha and yeah alll our old duck convos got erased haha! But its ok cus we can have em again lol!

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Monday, 9 Aug 2004 03:43)

OMG! i havent been on forever!!!!!! its jan 1 2005!!!!!!i started comin on the d3 one in like 2003! but that one wont work!...o well someone im me fer aim @ volcombiznotch

>>By Banks_luver23   (Saturday, 1 Jan 2005 08:52)

if i want to watch hockey i wouldwatch the real thing this film was bad in my day and it still is

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Thursday, 10 Feb 2005 16:39)

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