The Jerk


The Jerk was a great movie! I loved it!!!!
I can't wait to see it again!

>>By Navin   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 07:29)

What was his dog's name.

>>By Jenny from the block   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 01:07)

I'm hitch hiking. How far you goin'? St. Louis.
How are you goin? To the end of this fence.

Ah, Ah, Ok!
my name's Navin Johnson, what's your name?
"Here we are."
Ok, thanks a lot for the company....I hope I can repay you some day.

Hey Harry, take a look at these cans. These cans are defective. They're springing leaks. We don't have defective cans, we have a defective person.

The new phone book's here, the new phone books here !!

What! Hey, the guy gyped me. He put daisy stems on my roses. Let's get out of here before she sees us.

What kind of cigarette is that? Joint.
Joint? Sure don't make them very good.

Hey, this is....this is like a ride ! (trailer going up and down)

250 big ones. 250 dollarines!!

>>By lee whiteside   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 07:04)

anyone know where to get tab for the song "you belong to me"
that they sing on the beach?

>>By hank   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 01:21)

the jerk rules does any one know if the dvd has any extra features??

>>By   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 03:21)

Things are going to start happening to me now.

>>By JHigh   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 21:48)

this is a hilarious movie. my dad is obsessed with it and he always has to imitate the movie when the phonebooks show up. i think i knew most of the lines from him before i had even seen the movie.

>>By Chen   (Tuesday, 1 Jan 2008 05:49)

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