The Fast And The Furious


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All I want 2 say is that Vin Diesel is sooooooo hot and that Paul Walker sux.
The fast and the furious is the best movie I ever saw.
P.S: Vin Diesel is the sexiest guy in the WHOLE ENTIRE world!!!!

>>By Vin Diesel Lover   (Sunday, 9 Feb 2003 01:56)

It is the best movie in the world.And I like the Toyota Supra & the Honda Civics too

>>By dulanka [evoace]   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 07:34)

Vin Diesel is a mut who wanted to show of his power and he did not because was like girl.Paul is the best & sexy too and the girls love him only.

>>By Paul Walker fan.   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 07:37)

this movie licked balls. seriously the acting was horrible and the cars were cartoon like. vin diesel is too big of a guy to play such a putz. he could have been a criminal mastermind but you knew he was the high jacker the whole fucking time. the movie was over an hour and they never got into character development. i dont know who jesse was and i dont care why hes dead. i could have written a better script and cast more realistic cars. i will almost boycott the sequel but it cant be any worse then the original. oh wait sure it can. they cast the walking gay joke Tyrese as the "tough guy". choke me with a fucking straw.

>>By the d   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 10:42)

its the best film in the world and the toyota supra rocks compered to the others!

>>By Speedy gonzaliz   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 13:26)

this is the BEST movie ever to come out about this style of racing because i know for a fact that the races, products and racing reality surrounding this movie where 99.9% accurate and i know that because im in the buisness of supeing up and racing rally cars and this movie expained the lifestyle vary well.

>>By e.t.   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 17:15)

and the cars where vary real looking they couldent have done it any better to real life

>>By e.t.   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 17:19)

This is the fakest street racing movie I have ever seen. Why? Because of A LOT of reasons. One I street race, and they were not doing it the right way. When you race there is only 2 cars on the track. Not 5! Second they didnt know how to race! When they raced they always hit NOS. That messes up your car and only one car got messed up because of it?!?!?! And I will go see part 2. Even though the movie is totally unrealistic it does have a good story. And in part 2 Paul Walker drives my favorite car. The Nissan GTR Skyline. Which brings me to another point. How does a police station have the mony to afford a car like that all to just street race? That is fake!

>>By lilslim   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 22:11)

A REAL street racing movie is called The Last Race. Check it out on

>>By lilslim   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 22:13)

That movie kicks *s* If my man Vin Diesel would have neva been in it it would have sucked. Vin Diesel is the best action actor around. Thats jus whu I think

>>By Joselyn A.K.A Vin Diesel luva   (Monday, 19 May 2003 22:57)

the movie is co made withe street racers. so don't say it isn't
realistic. the movie is cool. do it fast do it furious.

>>By race boy   (Wednesday, 21 May 2003 21:36)

"fast and the furious" is an awsome movie, yeah a few parts can be a little cheesy but so what every movie has it's high's and it's low parts.Totally cool movie all around, if you haven't seen it you might wanna, the cars are crazy!!!Believe me if you like street racing cars you'll like these.

>>By t.c   (Friday, 23 May 2003 03:52)

To say this movie was accurate to street racing is like saying that all cars with neon lights and huge exhausts are fast.
Being an automotive salesman for Nissan I will say this movie was totally unrealistic. It is very unlikely that you can get the Nissan Maxima to do 9 second 1/4 miles as stated in the first movie. This movie depicted Civics and other front wheel drive cars as being perfect for drag racing, but that is 100% wrong. Yes I know it is just a movie, but still exploding NOS? Nos doesn't explode it is designed not to. The writer could have used petrol exploding. The HP to 1/4 mile ratios were all wrong and none of the cars could have gotten the times that were said. I am not a street racer, but I am a track racer, and I know people don't race 5 cars at a time. The spoliers on the cars were useless also. They didnt improve performance because they were going in a straight line and didnt need downforce on the rear wheels. All it did was increase the drag coefficient.
The 2fast 2 furious movie is a mock too. I think they realized that they exaggerated so much they watered down all the stats on the new cars. The stock Nissan Skyline has 327 hp and runs a 1/4 in 12.8 seconds, but in the movie they add performance parts to make the hp to 500 hp and somehow the 1/4 mile time increases to 13.8. This is all on the official 2f2f website. They aslo mess with the performance numbers of the NSX, Mitsu Lancer, Dodge Hemi, Honda S2000, Dodge Cahllenger, and the Mitsu Eclipse. I will watch this movie anyway because the dealership will gave me free tickets, and I just like to watch cars go fast. To conclude this is in no way accurate.

>>By IcE_bLëU   (Saturday, 24 May 2003 19:59)

toyota supra gt is the coolest car ever i have one my self go to denmark the 13 of july and se it in cobenhagen ther is a street race for cars with nos

>>By car lover   (Friday, 30 May 2003 19:19)

Esta pelicula es excelente, Vin Diesel es lo maximo, es super sexy y guapo.

>>By M.V   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 01:11)

i think that every one can go to hell

>>By speedy   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 10:55)

I am gay

>>By speedy   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 21:47)

i want to suck all the mens dicks

>>By speedy   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 21:48)

Paul Walker is sooooooo hot in this movie........way hotter than Vin Diesel!! The guys fricken bald come on ladies whats ur problem,go for someone with hair or at least a string of it.

>>By ????   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 16:18)

.................oh ya about the movie.....good movie,cars are cool,and one(1)hot guy in this movie,and that would be Paul Walker!!!!!!!!!

>>By ????   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 16:21)

I am a lady whore. I want to suck on Paul Walkers Dick His is so big!!!

>>By ????   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 19:36)

Sal all !

>>By RedLiht   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 07:06)

Este ma cineva din romania pe aici >

>>By RedLiht   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 07:07)

do you like the fastand the furious

when does the 2fast and 2furious come out on vidio

>>By raz   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 20:02)

i find the film fast and furious 2 very excellent it's the bes movie of action that a saw in my life and the actors in the second was so nice vin diesel too in the first so the story in the second is better

>>By saleil   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 05:05)

yo jeg er norsk oger fra finnmarks vidda

>>By ice cube   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 17:47)

i realy like those driving movies:):):):) kick ass from NORGE =norway:):):):)

>>By Adsome   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 23:48)

The Fast and the Furious is the best movie ever if u agree go to Talk about the fast and the furious type yes and type my nick name Thanks but i am still the lamborghini king and what a supra brian has!

>>By 2Fast4u   (Monday, 16 Jun 2003 19:47)

hey lilslim you kinda suck fast and the furious is not fake i am 11 i know alot. does your car have nos and and a 60.0 doch engine and a nos fogger systim and is your car a supra? i dident think so so there but u have to agree
The Fast and the Furious is a sweet movie ok bye!

>>By 2Fast4u   (Monday, 16 Jun 2003 19:53)

I wos wathen that movie maybe 100 times and i wont wath im again i love that movie.
Jorana is wery beauteful girl.....

>>By Sabre   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 00:27)

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