The Crying Game


I like it very much this movie.   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 20:40)

I loved the movie because it showed the world there is more than one kind of love. This is what I got out of the movie:
1. Homosexual love is beautiful

2. There is more than one kind of homosexual

3. Diversity exsist among the gay community also
A. It made me think about the fact that there is too much stereotypical labeling among
those in the gay community. (if your a "jock" you're suppose to be attacted to only
homosexuals who fit the label of "jock" , "leather daddy" same scenario, "prettyboy"
or "sissyboy" same scenario.
B. I love the way the movie showed what we call the "prettyboy" or "sissyboy" homosex-
ual is a beautiful creation of God or our Higher Power. This is the L A B E L
or catagory I identify with.

4. The movie was beautiful also because it proved that TRUE LOVE has NO boundries.
A. The "prettyboy-sissy" and the more "butch type" homosexuals can be attracted to
each other.
B. The movie got me to thinking how much we as gay men deny ourselves of TRUE
LOVE (after we go thru hell coming out of the closet, we're still so use to forcing
ourselves to be sexually attracted to who we're told we're suppose to be attracted to
even in the gay community we end up dating the wrong people. If your a really "butch"
homosexual and you know what you really like , and it happens to be , like in the movie
"sissy prettyboys" turn you on, then I feel, like in the movie, that is the type that would
make you happy!
C. I identified with this movie also because, it let me know we're all unique, I'm a male
fashion model, I model androdgyny (not drag), mens wear and gothic wear, I'm black
(African American, Irish & Cherokee Indian), I have long straight hair (brown,auburn &
blond) and I wear one gray and one turquoise contact lense in my eyes. my "LOOK"
is similar to male models you see in Gucci, Prada, Jean-Paul Gaultier, etc...........
my complexion is caramel colored smooth skin and body, The rule is I'm suppose to
be attracted to only guys who look like me, I'M NOT........................
The movie shows it is O.K. for me to be sexually attracted to the type I'm truely in love
with, and that is for me, even though I have a smooth body, hairy white guys who look
like (and I don't know these people personally) Jakob Dylan ("The Wallflowers rock
band) and Peter Gallegher (actor "movie Sex, Lies & Videotape) but, with a gothic/
rockerboy image like Rob Zombie (goth/rocker) but of course would have to be an
out of the closet homosexual!

5. I agree with the movie - It's O.K. to be sexually attracted to who ever your instincts dictate
If there is anyone out there who agrees with me please contact me at:

>>By kyle.supermodel.and.homosexual   (Saturday, 21 Jun 2003 23:49)

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