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Oh my Fuking God.. and i dont mean that in a literal sence. You would think that between the hundreds upon hundreds of you that the obvious truth of the matter is... theer are no PAGAN spirits... NO evil and GOOD, for fuks sake, is it so hard to come to terms with your own inadequecy to socialise that u have to resort to wiccan or witch craft, i thought that Kulan with all your big words... maybe you had the intelligence to see the light.. oh sorry the truth of normality. AND el humano cambiado what the fuk are u on mate... stop smoking the pot and come down to earth

>>By Stupid Fukers   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 11:21)

PLease disregard a church kid(el humano cambiado) that was messing with my internet. So I apologize if he offended you in any way. So I would like to become a Wiccan but I don't know how or where to begin. so please write to me and tell me how to become one. Can there be a witch that's a guy ?? (im a dude)
well my e-mail is:

>>By distiller dude   (Thursday, 22 May 2003 02:30)

That was like, my favorite movie in the entire universe! I don't take much f it literally, but I think that everyone who has been saying that it sucked should go suck up a tree. The actors were amazing in this movie; I couldn't have picked a better cast myself. My favorite part was when Sarah used the glammor spell. I myself am not a practicing wiccan, witch, or pagan and I think that i have rather nice spelling.

Remember, whatever you give out, you get back, threefold.

>>By paigehwlp3   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 00:02)

el humano cambiado, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on religion, and just becaused Christianity is the most widely accepted religion in the world it doesnt give you the right to come in here and start preaching to everyone like your a prophet or something. As a Christian, I would very much like it if you shut the hell up and stop making other Christians look bad. As long as people are nice to others and live a complete life and are true to there beliefs, whatever those beliefs may be, I find it hard to believe that some all powerful being would come in and torture them for all eternity. You and the people who want to be witches just cause they saw a movie and they want to get into a fad can just go the hell away from this board. el humano cambiado, stop disgracing christians and stupid wannabes, stop disgracing witches

>>By proj23314   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 03:17)

I love The Craft. I've been a witch for 3 years now...and that has to be my favorite movie. The only thing that annoyed me about it was the fact that alot of it wasn't true. The producer definetly should of researched a little more.

>>By MizzBabyPhat   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 03:05)

I'd have to say I really injoyed this movie. Know all I can think of is studing wicca but I don't know how. If you have any tips for me I'd really appriciate it, just email me on my brothers name and say the supject is pyroprincess. That email address is I'd like to move things with my mind or even start up a fire ball in my hand that would be really cool. If you liked the craft then youd probably like Charmed its about witches and demons. Its on the wb channle sundays, just look for it I know you'll enjoy it. Where can I get spells from. Thanks.


>>By Pyroprincess   (Thursday, 26 Jun 2003 12:11)

So i have a lot of things 2 say first this goes to the people who say that all witches and wiccans go to hell well your fucked up because if god loves every one why would he kill some.The wiccan religion is just that a religion like any other but it is not accepted because people fear what they dont under stand.And dosent jesus or god have powers to heal????now for the people who say that magik dose not exist i only have 2 say one thing have you ever tride it. dont say what you dont know.And for the people who say that people should not be witches just because the saw a movie well if your a witch how did u find out about witch craft (unless your familly are witches).but also people that are going 2 be wiccans dont just think its only spells under stand the wiccan religion then try magik and remmember about personal gain.And the movie showed alot of real magik how u abusse it and use it. and i think that someone said that in the movie they showed that wiccans worship the devil well c it again in one part sarah askt if menol was the devil and they LOL and said that the menol was earth and the elements.O and this is a awsome an my favriot movie its what inspired me to be a witch and i have the DVD ; ) And people who make fun of my spelling or anyones elese GO SUCK A NUT !!!!!!!!!!!: ) and i think thats the proper way 2 spell magic it means witch craft.

>>By eddy   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 08:16)

I love charmed by the way , its my favriot TV show i like phobe (allysa millano) o and if u have a question or comment ask me at if u dont know what that means take out the first i then u will know

>>By Eddy   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 08:21)

o i forgot to mention c if u have the DVD u will c that they brought a real wiccan to tell them about the religion.

>>By Eddy   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 08:26)

i know that i have written alot already but i really dont care because i could do what ever i want i just wanted to say that some of u say that the spells in the movie are fake well the strongest spells are the ones you make.and dont just copy the ones that are on the internet and if u do change them a bit so they can be your own.o and its light as a feather stiff as a board.: )

>>By Eddy   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 08:34)

Hey guys,

I saw someone said that they were worshipping the devil in one part,right?
Wrong.That is the Horned god.How did he get that name you ask?Long ago,250
years before christianity came to be,there was a god,this god was named the horned god because hunters would pray for a bountiful hunt.Everything they hunted was horned.So,we saw him with horns.Today,he is seen as the god of nature,and death.Also There is a goddess of rebirth.Anyone who is willing to become wiccan e-mail me at or chat with me:name-witchwicca8 (Yahoo Messenger)

If yall dont have yahoo messenger ,go to and it will be on that page.

>>By WitchWicca8   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 10:27)

Free Wiccan witchcraft lessons to any willing to become wiccan.Look at the Box above me,it has my chat and e-mail.
It might be a few days till i actually get to teach you on yahoo messenger or reply to your letters.


>>By WitchWicca8   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 11:03)

hi ,i thought the movie was awsome i loved nancy (even though she went crazy) i no it took alot of liberties and the glamour thing was totally fake but cool,it was still a good movie, i actually only saw it in 2003 but it was willow off of "buffy the vampire slayer" and "charmed" that got me into wicca and now i reading any thing i can get my hands on (i recomend these books :teen witch,silver ravenwolf: WICCA. a guide for the solitary practitioner,scott cunnigham**** very good one) so anyone who's interested in the craft should get these books .
bye (p.s. sorry for any spelling mistakes)

>>By beginner wiccan   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 00:53)

Speaking in what i think is a completely unbiased manner, some of the people in this discussion should stop ranting to el humano cambiado how everyone is entitled to their opinion. After all he is also expressing his thoughts, right or wrong, with complete conviction so it comes as no suprise that he is loudly stating them as facts. Besides, haven't pretty much all the experienced wiccans in this discussion done the same? I'm not saying not to argue back but name calling is a little unecessary. (I am not a Wiccan and I am having doubts about Christianity)

As for The Craft, I found the movie entertaining but I didn't take it seriously and neither should a lot of people. By this I don't mean that it shouldn't encourage you to find out more about Wicca. Some of these people I am talking about are the real Wiccans. It's a movie and is made purely for amusement! It is not a documentary or guideline on wicca!

>>By anorexic magazines   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 02:58)


i just love "the craft" because i'm a wicca
and i am nust like the four girls,my magic ways to.
i have a question:is there somebody that have some spells
for me??
mail them (plse) to this adress:
by the way bonnie (that girl with the scars) i realy like

>>By wout   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 12:06)

I have a message for the boy who call himself "STUPID FUCKER"


I m a witch so what ......??

>>By wout   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 12:10)

Stupid can go believe what you want but don't insult other people's religion...keep it to yourself.

>>By MizzBabyPhat   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 00:09)

OK, I have a lot to say, so here goes:
First of all, I love The Craft. I have the DVD like so many of you. BUT! Do not start practicing Wiccan because of this movie. Start practicing it because it makes sense to you and because you have read and done extensive research on the religion and because you believe in what you have read. Do not practice because you want to be able to do spells.
Did anyone notice that The Craft isn't about Wicca? Yeah, watch it again. Not once do the mention the word. And it's a damn good thing. The movie was inaccurate in many aspects. The "power" they mention, Menol, is not found anywhere in Wiccan or witchcraft. And if it is, please let me know where because I have not once read anything on it. Almost all Wicca traditions (if you don't know what a tradition is you better as fuck not be practicing Wiccan) recognize the God and Goddess. I have read endless amount on Wiccan and I take it very seriously. But I do not consider myself a witch or Wiccan yet. I think that you need to have a firm grasp on all parts of the religion before you call yourself Wiccan and definitely before you try spells.
Another thing, someone (a long time ago) mentioned something about the goth clothing. And I agree; throw it away if the reason you wear it is because you think you are or because you want to be a witch. Why people think witches always wear black is beyond me. I myself have a fairly bizarre fashion sense. I love jeans and tank tops and I love black because I look good in it. I don't wear any makeup. I like to look nice. When I do wear all black, it is always a nice pair of black pants or skirt and a nice top. I never look trashy which is what most goths look. (I went to school with tons of people who considered themselves goth and quite frankly, they looked like whores. They looked like they were TRYING to make a statement rather than actually making one.) So yes, I love The Craft and yes, I am very "into Wicca" and no, I do not consider myself a witch yet and no, I would never attempt a spell until I had fully researched it and gotten all that I needed for it and made sure it was in the correct moon phase. (Watch out for that too.) There are numerous good books and websites on Wicca, but please watch out for those bad websites, because some of them have such bullshit it's unbelievable. Wiccans do not believe in the devil, which comes up frequently with searches for witch. Search for Wicca and please be careful. If you are serious about Wiccan, learn the Wiccan Rede and Wiccan Law. Learn about all the elemets (especially your own), learn about stones and their power, colors and their powers, flowers, candles, everything you can.

(I also loved "Interview with the Vampire" and "Queen of the Damned" so you might want to check them out. But I also believe in vampires and most people that don't think the movies are stupid.)

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An' ye harm none, do what ye will.

What ye send forth comes back to thee
So ever mind the law of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
Merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

Blessed Be.

Peace to all and everything,

>>By Katharine   (Wednesday, 13 Aug 2003 21:57)

I really liked this movie. I was cool to see how certin people think wiches act and how they might look. Im interested in that movie Fairy Tale. I think its a load of crap bye.

>>By Chrissy16   (Friday, 10 Oct 2003 21:41)

I was just wondering if anyone remembers which watchtower each girl calls in the movie, like you know who calls earth, air, ect...


>>By Earth One   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 18:53)

The movie rocks. Magic is neither black nor white, it's the heart that guides it that makes the difference. Mano, magik, the force, the holy spirit, it's all the same. the life energy that permeates everything. The chants, the rites, the cards, the words, the crystals, the candles and scents are only tools to reteach our inner powers what they forgot so many lives ago. Random magik, just let it flow, your inner voice will know what to do, you just gotta trust it. Christ Michael, who many call 'Jesus', was the first true human (humane) and it scared the bejeebies out of those in power. So they call him scorcerous, and killed him. I am First Blood Druid. I believe as they did before words got in the way and our only music was a drum. Back then we followed the spirit of the heart. I believe that it doesn't matter if those around believe as I do. It doesn't matter what they think of my beliefs. What matters is I follow the rules of truth. One: Draw not from an empty well. (example: when wishing for rain call it from a place that has too much.) Two: Always speak the truth, especially to yourself. and (most importantly and most well known.) Three: Harm None!!!!!!! I wish no ill on you who disagree with our beliefs, I only pray that you find as much happiness on your path as I have on mine, and more. 'In The Name Of The God And The Goddess, 'Blessed Be' To All"

>>By Lady_Key   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 13:58)

I have been reading the reviews by various people. I love this movie. And yet I know It has some incorrect views of Wiccans. As a practicing Wiccan I can take this in stride without being insulting as some have. It is entertainment and yet it has some element in it which reminds me of the magical things I believed in as a child before I knew about real magick. Any of those who discover the Craft as a result - great! If it leads them down the right path, then why does it matter if their initial view of magic was turning people into toads and flying on broomsticks?! The Goddess gets to us all in her own time, when it is right for us, NOT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WANT TO DOG ON THE EFFORTS OF OTHERS! You know who you are and you know better, and as practicing Wiccans/Witches, I am sure you already know the error of your thinking, seeing as how the Goddess and God have shown you the path already. Besides, why would you take the time to look up a movie you claim to dislike, read the reviews, and then dump on it and everyone else if you didn't REALLY, ACTUALLY like it a little?@!@!!! It's what makes us human, and is why the Goddess is living through us - to experience life.
To all of you who are learning the Craft: keep reading and researching. It IS tough, but so worth it. You will discover things about yourself and others you didn't think possible. As one person said before, have faith and you will succeed. It is a spiritual path and can help you with many things - and yes, the magick is real! And it works. Blessed be to all of you and by the way, this is one of my favorite movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For those just starting out, check out!
It is a wonderful place to start!
Love and Blessings to all

>>By saturnina   (Friday, 27 Aug 2004 04:23)

by th way:
to proj23314:
you made a great comment and you are right - all paths lead us to the higher power, and you are a wonderful Christian - I think a true one. I grew up Christian, and know the Bible very well.
To anorexic magazine - you are right about el humano cambiado. But karma is unbiased too. he sent out negative energy and it was returned to him. I have no need to dump on him because as I said before, we all have our paths to walk and lessons to learn. He may in time learn not to dislike Wiccans. However, it was noble of you to stick up for him that way, everyone needs someone on their side. Good luck to all, and blessed be to all, whether or not you may accept it from a witch.

>>By saturnina   (Friday, 27 Aug 2004 04:35)

to saturina:
Well put. We all walk our own path and no one can walk that path for us. We make our own choices and no can do that for us either. We should alway have a kind word to say for anyone, for someday we may need someone to say a kind word for us.

>>By Lady_Key   (Friday, 27 Aug 2004 10:14)

To Lady Key
I couldn't have said it better myself!
Blessed Be!

>>By saturnina   (Friday, 27 Aug 2004 23:12)

lol some of you people are entertaining.

>>By quiet-kid   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 01:04)

"Go then there are other worlds than these"
-Jake Chambers

come now, lets make merry and have a cup of tea... no more bickering....

but no one will listen
*oblivious to the destruction of planet earth*

>>By bagelboy13   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 05:31)

oh it was a great movie. but seriously are you all that naive not to understand that wiica and witchcraft are two different things. wicca is a religion, centering their faith around the goddess and a god. witchcraft is an umbrella term used to hold a variety of different spell casting castes. voodooism, santeria, shamanism, paganism in general. its not a religion. wicca religion witchcraft not a religion. wow go figure. want to argue this some more go to head to boards, mystic, witchcraft. and try to argue the point there. later

>>By jaguar_assassin   (Sunday, 29 Aug 2004 21:53)

I can totally relate to nancy......

>>By scarletnikki   (Tuesday, 21 Jun 2005 22:01)

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