The Bourne Identity


In the optional ending, there was a song with the lyrics "may god's love be with you" anyone know who it is by?

>>By doogie   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 23:27)

"In the Sun" by Joseph Arthur

>>By chey1226   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 00:40)

does anyone know if they are gonna make movies for the other two Bourne books: The Bourne Ultimatum and TheBourne Supremacy?

>>By ubesoffen   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 00:17)

yeah, i'd like to know too. so if any one knows if they're gonna make more "bourne" movie, please tell!

>>By veronicaB   (Saturday, 19 Apr 2003 19:04)

that joseph arthur song is the best song ive heard in a longggg time!!!..thanks to you guys i finally found took a lot of searchin though!..but it was worth it!

>>By davey-o   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 23:28)

The film makers have said that they are going to make movies for the other two, but the next one won't be out they said until late 2004, or 2005. Also, they don't know if Matt Damon will play Bourne in either of those movies. (They originally wanted Brad Pitt to play Bourne, YEAH RIGHT)

>>By thechuckster88   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 02:12)

hey chuckster88. i loved "the bourne identity" so i really want them to make more for the rest of the books. can u tell me where u got the info about the next movies? and i agree, brad pitt as bourne would have SUCKED!!! ; )

>>By veronicaB   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 03:43)

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