Terms Of Endearment


Hello, I am new to all of this........I was surfing around looking for information on Terms of Endearment. I hope someone can help me. I absolutely LOVE this movie!! No matter how old I get or what time of day it is; if I come across this movie palying on tv; I will sit and watch and laugh and cry! It makes me appreciate the relationships of mothers and daughters everywhere.
I can rememeber that there were two other movies, or sequels if you will; that came out for this movie. I do not really remember the entirety of what the second one was about......or maybe I am mistaken and it was only one more after the original Terms of Endearment. I do remember the LAST one and it was released MUCH later after Terms of Endearment had been popular. It was about the children and they were all grown up and I seem to remember it tended to focus on the daughter who didn't really remember her mom that much and how she was beginning her life as an adult, much like Emma did before her. There was something about STARS in the title of this movie......If anyone can help me figure out the name of these two movies that were a sequel to Terms of Endearment; I would SOOO appreciate it!!! I want to aquire these three movies and be able to share them with my two beautiful daughters, much in the same way that my mother shared them with me.
Thank you so much for listening to my rambling on and for any help that you can give me!
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>>By Raine   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 05:27)

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