I dunno if this is meant to be where you write about Spielberg's "The Terminal" but just saw it and thought it was great. Having gone into the theatre not knowing anything besides the fact that it was about an airplane terminal and it had Tom Hanks, I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly wasn't expecting Tom was going to be some Russian speaking person who didn't know much English. Thought it was going to be about how planes were delayed due to a snow storm and all the people are stuck together and make friendships and stuff.

The fountain thing he built (out of plates) was a bit far fetched and the spotlight kiss a bit schmaltzy too. The whole thing surrounding his peanut jar was necessary but almost unnecessary since the events in the terminal were so interesting in themselves, and the film dropped off towards the end for me.

Why didn't the director guy arrest Viktor for working illegally (since I assume you need to have a green card to work)? I guess he wanted authorities other than his airport's to arrest him. But these are my only gripes.

It was good how Viktor uses improvisation to create an "economy" and way of life out of the terminal. Returning trolleys for quarters; meals for love messages (bartering); and learning English for free at Borders. Where did he get those crackers from though? Having Viktor speaking limited English shows how certain things are universal amongst humans. We separate ourselves based on race, religion and sexuality; but in the end we are all human.

Before I went to see this, someone said something about this movie being very right-wing. I'm not sure if he meant it was for or against capitalism though. There's an amusing moment when he goes and buys a Hugo Boss suit. Having also gone in knowing Spielberg made this, I couldn't help but think he was making some kind of social commentary as well. Perhaps it's that America has become a corporate society, and our initial meetings with people corporatise our emotions too. But once we get to know people, money seems less important.

>>By ftad   (Thursday, 23 Sep 2004 19:59)

good movie.. flad, i agree, there were scenes that were questionable. i loved when the head security guy asks how much tom is making and replies that tom makes more than him. tom hanks is an excellent actor and carries this movie, even with the questionable scenes.

>>By coca   (Monday, 7 Mar 2005 15:36)

I agree that Tom Hanks is a amazing actor, and if he were not in this movie, I would have probably turned it off half way through. I was left thinking " ommm.... is this it?" and I cannot believe him and the girl did not get together at the end.

>>By jfredricks   (Friday, 18 Mar 2005 19:18)

Um they did.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Tuesday, 22 Mar 2005 06:25)

tom and zeta did not end up together at the end of this movie.....

>>By coca   (Wednesday, 23 Mar 2005 19:01)

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