what is the relationship between food and sex as depicted in this film? and does the same type of relationship between the two exist in america?

>>By tommy   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 08:50)

Loved it! The movie's exploration of our relationships with food was superb! Yep, we're all human, and though the Japanese culture is the prism through which this insight comes, our cultures share the multi-faceted love affair (or, lately, maybe love-hate affair) with food. It says, "Yea, life!"

>>By okgirl   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 20:45)

I love this film! It's tongue-in-cheek "Spaghetti Western" format, with all the with all the allusions that come from a heroic film about the quest for the perfect noodle recipe! This is one of the cleverest films I have ever seen, and it reverberates on several levels. First is the "Western" format; the lone trucker pulls into a hick town in his 18-wheeler (hello - non existent in Japan!) wearing his cowboy hat, and accompanied by his younger sidekick, goes into a ramshackle noodle hut for a meal of horrible noodles, and ends up saving the proprietress from the advances of a boorish customer, and staying in the region long enough to take her on an odyssey of culinary adventures, in search of the best soup recipe, the fastest, freshest, and most practical method of cooking and serving the noodles, and a visit with a revered ancient master chef, retired and now living on the streets, with a large following of disciples, who discourses on the zen of noodle preparation. At the end of the film, after all of these component lessons are integrated into one delicious whole, and her little restaurant gets a bright cheerful overhaul, our hero stays only just long enough to see that her restaurant is a success, before driving off into the sunset with his trusty sidekick before the woman he helped has even had a chance to thank him. THE subtext of this movie is comprised of myriad vignettes illustrating how humans society and culture revolve around food: food and romance, food and comfort, food and tradition, etc. everything from a babe suckling its mother's breast to a the sexy games of a wealthy young gangster and his moll. Especially, the spaghetti scenes in the western-style restaurant are not to be missed! In these scenes, the director offers another spaghetti humorous spaghetti reference, and laughs gently while showing us, again, how food molds and shapes our lives. This movie is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. It is unique, clever, well-written and loads of fun for anyone who loves food, or just a good story.

>>By tralala62   (Tuesday, 2 Dec 2003 01:08)

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