i thought the voice overs were hilarious ... the movie sucked

>>By jess   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 22:46)

The movie was pretty good, with the actors speaking in german and with subtitles in english, otherwise...

>>By HH   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 21:15)

The movie was pretty good, with the actors speaking in german and with subtitles in english, otherwise...

>>By HH   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 21:15)

I thought this was an excellent movie. I preferred to Saving Private Ryan. It was more realistic, very interesting.

>>By melanie   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 18:02)

As a film and a story I enjoyed the film very much. As an historical topic I thought it was too bright and did not convey the darkness and chaos of the city.

>>By Red Guard   (Tuesday, 24 Dec 2002 19:26)

I thought this movie was great. American movies such as Saving Private Ryan, almost always have a surrealistic hero. Stalingrad, like Das Boot, illustrate the horrific conditions of soldiers during war. These German soldiers' struggle to survive in such a desperate and hopeless situation for the first time after countless victories by their armies exhibits the reality of war that there is always a fine line between victory and defeat. And that these individuals know little about the reasons they fought yet suffered the brunt of their countries actions.

>>By xxdynamo   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 23:16)

This is an excellent movie. The scenes are so real and the solders are a bunch of young man who were sent to the war without much options. survive or otherwise. It is a sad story and I am seeing it happening again in parts of our world.

>>By yang   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 04:09)

Where i can buy this movie?

>>By 302nd_Vlad   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 11:08)

Why spending your hard-earned free-time watching Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan and others alike? It's like "going to the source" if you need to purchase something. It's a protest against war that must be seen by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and his comrades in order to realise (or compare) what they're to do with the innocent Iraqi people (not Saddam at all!). The war actions are very accurate (especially the tank and city battles) and even the makeup is perfect (just notice Captain Mark dying in the end). My favorite characters? Captain Haller (Dleter Okras), not because I enjoy his style, but he only gives us an idea of what it would be for any of us to be commanded by a genuine Nazi, and the Russian lady (well, she's not pretty at all, but there are only men all around!). Ruki vierkh!!!! Davai !!!!

>>By Diogo from Brazil   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 00:50)

Stalingrad is a sinonim for horific suffering of the people that were under german army siege for almost 3 years and also a sinonim for inhuman and irrational behaveour of german army. The germans could have retreated at any time during the siege, but unfortenately they have chosen to pursue the inachieveble goal that pushed them into defeat and horrible death.

>>By Bobo   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 21:00)

Talking about the possibility of German's 6th Army during the siege, it's worth to say that those officers did almost everything Hitler wanted them to do. Even though there was a possibility to escape from siege and certain death, they just stayed there in the ruins as the Fuhrer wanted so. The character Otto (Sylvester Groth) said it well: "you went along wih it. Even though you knew the man on top was a maniac". Nothing illustrates better the stupidity of Nazi command than risking over 250.000 lives for the ruins of a trading city just because it bore Hitler's main enemy name.

>>By Diogo   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 17:47)

I thought this movie was alright. The effects were cheap, but the script was solid and realistic.

>>By Thom   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 04:44)

The movie was very good indeed! The Germans are portrayed as the protagonists, and were in a situation that could have easily been avoided. The movie portrayed the realistic events that took place there, and brought the German view of the war into American perspectives.

I give the movie 5 stars!

>>By deerballs   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 22:20)

Great movie overall, from the German perspective changes the point of view of the allied side;

I just would like to know what the name of the song in the train scene is ??? when the soldiers leave the italian beach to the front, if anyone knows it would be great to know thanks

>>By by Ivan Lee   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 04:51)

Great movie. *****

Biggest historical mismatch i could find is the use of T-34/85 tanks. Actually soviet tanks at time were T-34/76 model with smaller turret and shorted gun. If this doesn't annoy you - about everything else is top-realistic. Good to view after(or before) reading Antony Beevor's book Stalingrad.

>>By ladoga   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 08:54)

Great movie, finally a movie that shows that the germans sufferd also! (NOT THE NAZI's) there is a diff. between german regulars and the nazi army.

>>By Live-Aus-Berlin   (Saturday, 2 Aug 2003 08:31)

On the eastern front, the difference between regular German army and the SS was much smaller than say in France or Holland. The Germans viewed the Russians as subhumans, therefore rarely afforded them the "courtesy" they would French or British opponents.

The exchange between Otto and the captain before the tank battle came to mind:

Otto: we have no chance, why not surrender?
Captain: you know what would happen to us if we do?
Otto: do we deserve any better?

>>By Odin   (Friday, 19 Sep 2003 20:36)

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