South Park


waste of celluloid. poorly written, ill-conceived, potty mouth dick jokes for an hour and a half, of low brow humour that would tickle the funny bone of less than stellar breeding stock,

i hope they do another movie.

>>By Sexibeast   (Monday, 1 Dec 2003 19:10)

Holy shit. This movie kicks ass.

I would quote the songs but I don't want to be banned.

>>By Montu - Sekhmet   (Saturday, 17 Jan 2004 00:09)

init this film last message was about a yr ago...THE FILM IS BANGINGGGGGGGG

>>By Jaz   (Saturday, 28 May 2005 15:44)

"you're an uncle-fucker" !!!

south park
both the movie
& tv show kicks ass

a great social satire
always guaranteed
to have me pissin' my pants with laughter

"screw you hippie" !!!

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 28 May 2005 19:35)

Yeah... I have to admitt South Park is Kik bum....
i mean how can yu not love it .. Its class...

" Timmy "

Timmy is soo funny... lol.... Not in it much somtimes but its just funny.
And Eric Cartman when he sings Kyles mum is a big fat Bitch. lol


>>By _x_midian_x_   (Sunday, 29 May 2005 13:03)

South Park is histerical! There is always a meaning in every show, but did anyone watch the christmas show? WTF! That one was just wrong, ha ha ha ha!

Skrew you guys I'm going home..........

>>By jfredricks   (Wednesday, 1 Jun 2005 18:18)

Lol....Anno.... Its awsume... I mean.. It a wee shame how Kenny always dies.. but It would b the same with out love Kyle... He so cute and I hate the way every one makes fun of him for being Jewish.... Kyle is my favouate...

Did anyone see the epasode ... When Cartman Sing Kyles mum is a big Fat B!tch and his mum was stading there... lol.... There so many other great epasodes

Who has seen the movie.. ?

Jenni x x

>>By _x_midian_x_   (Friday, 17 Jun 2005 18:40)

Absoloute Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it love it, Salty Balls ..... put em in your mouth and suck em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blame Canada ha ha always buckled with laughter at these guys!

>>By Mamma G   (Sunday, 28 Aug 2005 10:52)

Love it!!!!! The movie is the funniest thing i have ever seen!

>>By Miss_Reni   (Monday, 31 Oct 2005 21:14)

i love this movie i have it on dvd and watch it at least once a week, the comedy is so simpel but yet so funny, cartman is the caracter of the film for me, weith the funnest part where her swears in the class room and the 4 guys have the klittle swearing thing before he tells mister garrison to suck his B***s
lol funny as fcuk

>>By trigger   (Tuesday, 1 Nov 2005 13:45)

I wish they'd put South Park back on channel four.................
or maybe they do?
I do not check anymore......... I gave up on the idea that they would put on anything else other than Big Brother & repeats of Friends & Will & Grace............

>>By Tchock   (Thursday, 10 Aug 2006 00:10)

oh yes
tonite they are going to re-run the
"Passion Of The Jew" episode
it's one of my favourites
cartman goes on a local anti-jew crusade after watching
"Passion Of The Christ" one too many times
the Stone / Parker depiction of Aussie-Mel is priceless

>>By Helmet   (Thursday, 10 Aug 2006 05:02)

All of you will love me. allaboutsouthpark?g=11323462&cr=3

''At our last meeting we decided we hate blacks and Jews. Now let's play Who's Got the Stupidest Thing on Under Their Robe?!!!!''

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 19 Aug 2006 20:59)

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