Sound Of Music


Immortal classic most likely never to be equalled again in screenplay, story, song, casting, and acting.

>>By Kyrlzn   (Tuesday, 31 Dec 2002 19:41)

i love the song something good

>>By christopher   (Saturday, 29 Mar 2003 13:39)

omg like this movie is like so gay!

>>By OMg   (Saturday, 5 Apr 2003 01:20)

I just knew that eversince I was a kid I always watch the movie..over and over again..Im already 23 years old and I'm still fond of watching the movie..(Im not sure how many times)wny times) it still thrills me..I think the sincerity of the song just moves me..also the movie is whoIesome, I coudn't find any movie other than this that u can watch again and again..God Bless!

>>By aniq   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 03:33)

The movie is like so boring at the begining but later the movie is so intresting.

>>By dark J   (Saturday, 17 May 2003 19:41)

I like the song Do-Re-Mi , So long farewell and I am Sixteen going on Seventeen.

>>By Jose   (Saturday, 17 May 2003 19:46)

This is one of those stories I think of when I need a boost. It is very inspirational and is a part of my soul.

>>By fammclean   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 05:51)

The Sound of Music is one of the inspiring films that I want to enjoy again and again. I especially enjoy the beautiful and attracting music there. And I have also been recommending it to friends whenever possible. I would like to visit the spot where the film was set in some day. I am looking forward to the chance to come.

>>By zhuzhu   (Friday, 7 Oct 2005 10:39)

its not half as bad as i expected

>>By pinkfluffybrickmeister   (Monday, 17 Oct 2005 18:17)

I will always love this movie. Its very comforting. Also makes me feel nostalgiac, which I enjoy completely.

>>By snoockerdoodle   (Monday, 24 Oct 2005 01:33)

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