So I Married An Axe Murderer


what is the name of the song playing when they were riding the boat to Alcatraz   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 05:09)

what was the name of the inn where they spent their honeymoon, and what is the exact location.

I know the drive up to the inn was shot on Pescadero Road, from the Loma Mar Store to 1/2 way up Pescadero Road. They rented a driveway on the left hand side of the road and placed the sign for the inn at this location. The driveway of course led to a private residence and not the inn. If you're a buff for this flic, stop in the Loma Mar Store, Located in Loma Mar, CA. They paid the store to close for 2 days to shoot footage for the movie at this location. The footage was never used, but a collection of pictures are in the store. You can always continue up Pescadero Road and see if you can spot the driveway they turned in.

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