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I watched a version of Snow White one time about 10 or so years ago my parents just got cable for the first time and my sister and I were excited any way this version was different but I really liked it and haven't been able to find it since I was hoping that perhaps you could help me It was sort of like this :

It was a movie or show but any way it wasn’t a cartoon their were people actors and the picture started out like most others of Snow White with the mother pricking her finger and the drops of blood land on the snow and she wishes for a daughter white as snow red as blood and black as the ember wood then the queen dies and the father remarries and so on I remember a scene were the little snow white about the age of seven or so is playing and singing in her room she dances around and tosses a ball kind of like a beach ball and spins around singing then in the next seen She is like a preteen or older and the queen notices her beauty and also asks her magic mirror and so on The huntsmen was ordered to kill Snow White and bring back her liver so that she may eat it with salt and the hunts men lets her go kills a pig and so on now in this show Snow White finds the cottage and is so hungry she takes a bite off from every plate a little veggies her a piece of bread there a sip of wine and so on now the other difference is when she goes to bed again there is a song I believe and dancing and the beds are all different and the names on the beds and of the dwarfs are silly and different I cant remember any of them at the moment but any way she sings and dances then she finally goes to sleep the dwarfs come home notice their food has been eaten from every plate only bitts from every plat then they notice their beds have been messed with then they find her they make an agreement that if she cooks and cleans for them she can stay of cores the queen finds out the huntsmen is killed and she goes dressed as a peddler women to were Snow White is but in this movie / show she has her try on a lace to tighten her corset but the lace keeps tightening till she passes out the dwarfs come home cut the lace with scissors and she is ok then of cores the queen comes back and ignoring warning form the dwarfs Snow White is tricked again by the queen but this time with a poisoned comb the dwarfs again come home remove the comb and she is ok then comes the apple the piece gets logged in the throat the prince comes and I believe the casket she is in some how slips and she falls hits the ground and the piece of apple pops out of her mouth and she once again is ok this story also ends differently in this story the queen comes to Snow Whites wedding but is made to wear red hot iron shoes until she dances her self to death I think she explodes or some thing at the end. Any ways I am not sure if this helps or not but I would really like to find this movie again can you help?

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>>By Barbara   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 07:58)

I know exactly what movie you are talking about. I have been trying to find it for a while now. It was my favorite version of that movie. My family had taped it off of television but i haven't been able to find it. I remember that the tape had never been labeled. My mother says that she thinks it was called something else like, "the mirror" or something like that.

>>By Lzkllr   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 06:23)

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