Sleepless In Seattle


I believe in 'magic' between people--this really happens--and is a beautiful and wonderful thing!! You cannot explain why you have all these feelings about someone--and how it happened, but it does happen!!

>>By classy   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 17:53)

Dear Sleepless In Seattle,

My favourite in this movie is when Tom is talking on the radio in Meg's car and she was devastated by the words she was saying of when Tom said something she would say the same of what he just said. I thought there was romance in the movie I have seen. And eventually they would meet and they sure did.

That was the best thing I reccommed to all of you around the world would watch.

Lisa McKerlie

>>By Lisa Mckerlie   (Saturday, 31 May 2003 07:48)

Sleepless in seatle is a world wild popular movie.A lot of persons in china like it and
tear for it.

>>By chinese guy like the movies   (Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 14:10)

Yeah I agree wit you all, Sleepless Seattle is the best movie, the feel good movie that shouldn't be miss. Well for me, when i'm down and bored, Sleepless in Seattle (n You drive me Crazy) never failed to entertained me. i just love the movie

>>By katt   (Wednesday, 30 Jul 2003 20:57)

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