any other
of the goon-ish
Hansen Brothers
out there ???

go chiefs !!!!!

>>By Helmet   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 01:01)

great movie.....great part when paul newman tells the owner that her son will be sucking c....k..!!!!

>>By coca   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 01:33)

oh yes

as in...............

"ya know
your boy looks like a fag to me
you'd better get married again real soon
or he'll be suckin' some jokers cock
before you can say 'jack robinson' "

where has the art of
gone ???

>>By Helmet   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 01:50)

still the BEST feckin' hockey movie............. EVER !!!!!!!

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 8 Jul 2006 03:00)

now HOW did I know you - Mr.Helmety-Welmety-Man were to be the latest one to write about this movie when I clicked on gnovies??? :)

>>By Tchock   (Saturday, 8 Jul 2006 23:31)

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