Shrek 2


Shrek 2 was way better than the first one it was so much funnier, I can't wait to see it again

>>By swimgurl   (Sunday, 27 Jun 2004 16:23)

i know it's gr8 i loved puss in boots! especially when he did dat really cute face.

>>By beloved   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 22:02)

This is the best multi-age group film of the year -- there is something for everybody in this film!

>>By JrzyGirl   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 02:42)

The movie was way better then the first. Not sure if the story line was as good, but it was way funnier and more memorable.

Now there were several paradies.. Like when they first got into Far Far Away, they showed Donkey and the palm trees like Beverly Hillbillies, then there was the Lord of The Rings with Fiona's wedding ring, then there was the red carpet show like the one for the Acadamy Awards, and one parady of Cops with Shrek getting arrested.. That one was so funny.

What other ones were there?

>>By Grand Moff Ant   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 04:56)

There were loads of hints at other films : " King Kong", "Flashdance", "From here to eternity", "Alien", "Rawhide"...

>>By Kara   (Thursday, 8 Jul 2004 09:35)

I thought it was great and that puss in boots, was brillinat! he so funny, especially those big eyes!

>>By wolfchild   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 20:48)

How pathetic is this....the movies been out for almost 2 &1/2 months and I just saw it yesterday! Over all this was a really cute movie, and even though I am usually skeptical about "2" movies; this one was very well put together. The story line could have used some help, but in general they managed to pull off yet another adorable shrek movie. P.S. Puss-n-boots was a nice addition as well. :)

>>By Princess of Noche   (Saturday, 17 Jul 2004 06:00)

i find shrek 2 much more than a group of gags. i think is an acid and intelligent criticism to some conventions and a song to love and freedom...

>>By laurita   (Sunday, 22 Aug 2004 17:44)

ooooooh,Shrek 2 was great!i am sceptical about the "2" parts,too,but that one was veeeeeeery good!
and,yeah,there were a lot of parodies..ahaha,i think the flashdance thing was hilarious!
puss in boots was amazing!!!ahaha,and when he makes that cute face with his big eyes,it is sooooo fucking adorable!
price charming was cool too-i love Rupert Everett,and with his english accent,he was great for the role!:))))
awesome movie:)

>>By Eli_Molko   (Thursday, 30 Sep 2004 16:17)

I'm doubly inlove with Antonio Bandareas now.

>>By ~*Sisaro*~   (Friday, 1 Oct 2004 01:25)

I've never met a person who didn't adore Shrek 2.

>>By raspberry_juice   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 18:38)

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