Shaun Of The Dead


if you havent seen it i suggest you do..................its one of those stupid funny movies everyone would get a kick out of

>>By DnAngel22   (Sunday, 24 Oct 2004 05:52)

Just saw it last night - it's brilliant!!
It was very snatchish/braindead wasn't it?
See it! See it now!!

>>By Tchock   (Sunday, 31 Oct 2004 23:24)

yeah i agree......................
i would put it up there with army of darkness in regards to i guess wut u could call stupid comedy

>>By DnAngel22   (Tuesday, 16 Nov 2004 03:16)

Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorites. Somehow it finds a way to poke fun at a genre that already pokes fun at itself. Fun movie really exciting plot and the characters are outrageous but compelling.

>>By Slurm   (Monday, 5 Mar 2007 21:11)

let's all meet for pint at the Winchester !!!!!!!
a mucho-good zombie flick

>>By Helmet   (Tuesday, 6 Mar 2007 01:36)

Dogs can't look up.

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 11 Mar 2007 00:24)

Good fun. Best thing that Bill Nighy & Penelope Wilton ever did?

>>By nonyeb   (Saturday, 24 Mar 2007 11:39)

made me cringe at times and not because of the gore!

>>By noggin the nog   (Saturday, 24 Mar 2007 15:07)

Can't wait for "Hot Fuzz." saddens me that I was the only one in the theater that laughed at the line, "We're coming to get you, Barbara!" Did no one else ever hear of the films they were paying homage to? Jeez!

>>By The Walrus   (Thursday, 5 Apr 2007 04:14)

No, what films?

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 5 Apr 2007 12:18)

I've seen teh original living dead series. Is that what you're referring to? But I'm always on the lookout for classic zombie flicks.

>>By Slurm   (Saturday, 7 Apr 2007 19:54)

Yeah, that's exactly what I was referring to. The line was a reference to the opening scene in the original "Night of the Living Dead."

>>By The Walrus   (Sunday, 8 Apr 2007 17:51)

that's right !!!!!!!!!
in the good ol' black & white *original*
a brother & sister are visiting their parent(s) gravesite
there's a zombie (or 2) shuffling around in the (not so far) distance
& it's appearence & proximity alarms the sister.
(of course the bro' & sis' are UNaware that it's a zombie)
the brother mocks his sisters unease by teasing ......
"they're coming to get you Barbara"

>>By Helmet   (Monday, 9 Apr 2007 05:05)

Precisely! Thanks for the description, Helmet.

>>By The Walrus   (Monday, 9 Apr 2007 21:51)

Ah! Long time since I've seen it.

>>By Flagg   (Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007 22:01)

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