Secret Window


Hey, does anyone else love this movie as much as I do? send me a message and we can chat, im new to flork.

>>By BrokenAngel   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 05:02)

it was pretty good..but i love johnny depp....coca

>>By coca   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 05:49)

Me too, thats why I went to see it in the first place, that and stephen king. I love them both so I knew id love this movie.

>>By BrokenAngel   (Thursday, 1 Jul 2004 03:19)

i love Johnny depp!!!!

>>By badgirl   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 22:48)

and nobody loves Johnny as much as i you Johnny!!!!

>>By badgirl   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 22:50)

Dont be so sure badgirl, haha.

>>By BrokenAngel   (Sunday, 18 Jul 2004 04:57)

Wow. Enough about Johnny, did you enjoy the movie? I have to say I love the whole caricature of the sherif. The scene where he is doing needle point is so fun. I want to hug him.

I also love the part when Johnny starts barking when he is confronted by his "evil" side.

>>By OpheliasViolets   (Sunday, 18 Jul 2004 05:46)

The "rah rah" thing? That was inspired by his son Jack. And yes, to answer your question I Love the movie, I didnt see the ending coming at all. I loved how it kept me on the end of my seat. And the way the camera goes inside the mirror, to show the audience they are inside Mort's head, and then goes back through the mirror again at the end when Amy pulls into the drive way it comes out of the mirror, showing us we were in Mort's head the entire movie, seeing things the way he saw them. Such as his clean house when it was in face a mess. Very funny lines too like "RUBBERNECKER!!"

>>By BrokenAngel   (Monday, 19 Jul 2004 03:38)

Yeah, I seen the extras on the dvd that explained the jack thing and about the mirror

>>By OpheliasViolets   (Monday, 19 Jul 2004 06:55)

Yahh i loved the movie it was awsome i think i seen almost all of Johnny Depps movies oh i just cant stop talking about him.........he is so HOT!!!!

>>By badgirl   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 22:32)

this movie blew.. i love steven king movies, andi love johnny depp. however the movie was so boring, i almost didnt watch it to its fullest. by the way, this kind of ending has been done before in a movie, its not a complete shock to find out the main character has an alter ego - Anyone ever see Fight Club? the Chuck Palahnuik book that became a movie inwhich the main character had a duel personality.

>>By ROSS N   (Saturday, 26 Mar 2005 07:01)

This movie sucked ass! I was expecting so much as i usually love Johnny Depp movies however it became blathantly obvious he had multuple personalitys from half way throught, it's been done before but at least in fight club it was done excellently and no one has a clue until the end!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Saturday, 26 Mar 2005 17:37)

actually, john turturro was the best actior in this film. i think he is highly underrated.

>>By coca   (Saturday, 26 Mar 2005 18:20)

Johnny depp is by far the best actor in this movie ! i love stephan king films , but the book is better !

>>By An Evil Girl   (Monday, 13 Jun 2005 02:33)

nopeee..john tuturro kicks butt over depp in this one

>>By coca   (Wednesday, 15 Jun 2005 18:24)

No Depp kicks but over tuturro :)

>>By An Evil Girl   (Friday, 24 Jun 2005 23:51)

Johnny Depp was fantastic in this film and i thought this film was brilliant... i have never seen a bad Johnny Depp performance yet. Fantastic movie.. stephen king films are always top! x

>>By spookygoth   (Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007 13:53)

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