Oh, cool! I'm the first post again.

Okay, well, saw Saved! this past weekend and it was great. I'll admit a bit controversial and Bible-thumping Christians will probably do best to avoid it.

However, for open-minded people (and yes, I'm sure there are some Christians in that group), it's a great look into many of the contradictions and ugly hypocrisy that seems to be a staple in organized religion. Growing up Catholic, I definitely can relate to questioning the authenticity of many so-called followers of Christ.

And, it's also cool to see Mandy Moore doing something radically different from her teeny-bopper romance movies. She's great in this movie and so was everyone else.

>>By The Walrus   (Wednesday, 6 Oct 2004 19:21)

I thought saved was brilliant too! but it is quite scarey that there are some christians out there like mandy moore but towards the end of the movie you even liked her so everything worked out!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004 16:09)

I understand why some christians would be offended.. but when me and my friend saw it.. we laughed because some of it was true.. we looked at mandy moore.. and thought.. i know someone like her..

>>By Pediophobia   (Sunday, 5 Dec 2004 04:12)

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