Rosemarys Baby


you had one long film to see wot exactly the ending was not one of great endings, actually it woz rubbish! wot do u see at the end a glimpse of some eyes thats it. Not a personal favorite of mine. It was lacking all the typical conventions of a horror film, and the physcological part of the film was as bad as the ending.
Could of made a great film if they actually thought about it.!

>>By chicken jnr   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 11:22)

chicken jnr you are an idiot. first you need to learn how to talk what is wot? the movie is about suspense not gore or killing. if you want to see gay ass teen horror movies with the plot spelled out for you i suggest you rent scary movie or i know what you did last summer you seem to have the iq of a 5 year old.rosemarys baby is one the best movies of all time. roman polanski is a genius.the movie is a bit slow but if have patience and pay attention to detail the plot is very far as the ending by the way chicken you dont see its eyes i think it leaves a lot to the imagination by not seeing what it looks like. its time for a sequal to this movie what happened to rosemarys baby

>>By the whole fuckin show   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 02:58)

ok I have to admit I only saw the last half of the movie and im just now starting the book but i half agree with both chicken and WFS Its really more of a suspense movie from what i saw and to really get into the plot you have to have patience but just showing just the eyes at the end? that was just dissapointing the point of movies based on books is so that you dont have to use your imagination or think about what its all about cuz its already playing out for you on screen saving you the trouble of using your brain. If you want to use your imagination read the book but i was just plain p.o.ed that after all the suspense the movie put me through all i see is eyes, kinda pathetic.. oi vay!

>>By big mouth   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 18:54)

you are all wrong. The movie is about the devil and Mia Farrow's attraction to his naughty bits. Art imitating life.

>>By wogboy   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 13:37)

wow that was the longest gayest movie i have ever seen it wasnt worth the time and all that little whinner did was talk about her stupid craps i would rather die than ever watch another min. of it WOW IT SUCKED AND THE ENDING WAS GAY!!

>>By heath and kesha   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 00:16)

OMG... this is on my top five favorite movie list.and im just 13.... the way Roman Polanski plays out the entire movie is just so magnificent.. the ending is really stunning... I loved every minute of it... before I saw it I thought: "oh god, this looks like another lame excorsist movie..." but i was totally wrong. and it is almost better than Ira Levins novel((maybe that has something to do with seeing the movie first)). Mia Farrows performance is surpreme. If you have never seen the exorsist i highly reccomend seeing this... and chances are if you really dig this as much as i have... you will probabley hate the lame and highly overrated teen-flick excorsist. Amen.

>>By bagelboy13   (Sunday, 25 Jan 2004 20:24)

The 13-year-old here gave about the most intelligent commentary of the bunch! Right on, Bagelboy13! Same to WFS!

>>By paulajune   (Saturday, 7 Feb 2004 09:46)

one of the best horror films ever made.

"what have you done to it's eyes?"

"he has his fathers eyes"

"but Guy has normal eyes"


factoid: in the "dream" sequence Satan is played by Anton LeVay. Hail Satan Indded.

>>By Helmet   (Thursday, 19 Feb 2004 04:54)

hey, it's (almost) halloween
what better time to watch "Rosemarys Baby"
as for the above
i stand corrected......
Anton LeVay does not play the Satan role
that's just an urban legend
i once saw Anton LeVay in a restaurant in
San Francisco
he made a dramatic exit at meals end
striding to the door in his black cape
with his entourage trailing in his wake

>>By Helmet   (Sunday, 30 Oct 2005 18:59)

"And of all the women of the world he chose you. he arranged things so you could be the mother of his child." ---Minnie Castavet.

Gawd I love Ruth Gordon!

>>By Capitol149   (Thursday, 3 Nov 2005 20:38)

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