Romper Stomper


Does anyone here like Romper Stomper

>>By Capone   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 01:58)

IThe Boys are sexy!

>>By melissa   (Monday, 13 Jan 2003 03:46)

oi, i can't figure out the title of music band playing at the skins' party, would anyone help me??
please send it at -

>>By antikiller   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 15:08)

I enjoyed the movie quite a lot. It was intense and showed a different perspective to racism. It brought up some interesting discussions with my pals.

>>By Brain Girl   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2003 01:09)

this site is great! but i am affraid to say you all that Daniel Pollock(davie) died after the movie. fucken sad! the movie is the best

>>By Davie   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 11:36)

wtf is davie DEAD!!!!!!!!!?????????????

>>By WTF!!!   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 13:41)

I mean that daniel pollock who played as davey in the movie died in a train accident!! fuck we was adicted to heroin, too bad! anyway i cant believe that it is real ! fuck lets all cry for his memory!
he was the best man o ever got to know> Rest in peace brother

>>By Daniel Pollock   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 18:54)

I saw the movie once again and it maked it's magic once again.
the movie is the best movie ever but the end was bad.

i mean why does it have to be like this in the end, why davey and hando didnt stay friends and why davey killed hando because of a girl!!! shit happens,/\,

does anybody know in which fillms Daniel Pollock(davey) acted and where can i get them by the internet?
for all of thouse who liked Davey in the movie, I have bad news-----.........-----he died a short time after the movie in a train accident when he was under Heroin.
man the man was the best.

your coments send to:

>>By Daniel Pollock   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 17:53)

>>By Romper   (Thursday, 26 Jun 2003 05:05)

This movie, well it speaks loudly for it's self. Its a good one. Yes another one on racism, but it's for real. So anyways, this movie was good, I like the relentless, skinhead a typical one if i may say so myself. Oi

>>By punx and skinz   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 03:59)

Romper Stomper was probably the best movie i have seen in along time, it showed the great potential of Australians when it comes to the acting world, it is also shows a great pile of Talent for the late Daniel Pollock (davey) who sadly died in 1994...
He would of become legendary, it was not a movie to make you feel happy and smilly but rather for the world to see that these issues do go on here in Australia aswell.
It was a fantastic movie 10/10. Hando was a great developing character, who ended up gettin whut was coming by misjudgement, Russel Crowe did a great job portraying the psycho davey just as Jacqueline McKenzie did a good job as the nutty "gabe".
All and all it is an inspiration to Australian films! I hope they make more great films, we are a country that has alot of unnoticed potential!!!


>>By Niko   (Saturday, 1 Nov 2003 04:31)

Sorry guys i was thinking so much about Davey, as i have been trying to find any information on him at all, which has proved to be difficult, that i said russell Crowe played a psycho davey, it was meant to say Hando!

and for an early post, davey was in a few small Australian films such as : Loverboy, Death in Brunswick St., and had a cameo in Proof

Later guys

>>By Niko   (Saturday, 1 Nov 2003 04:33)

Bloody 'trific gotta LUV them skin heads...lmao

Best bit of the movie is when Hando is F**king her and her head bangs up against the head AUSSIES really do know how to treat their woman roflmao

Great movie!!

(during the filming the actors would be frequently picked up (on the way to the PUB! by the cops as though...real skin heads )

>>By damoviemeisterrox   (Saturday, 1 Nov 2003 16:47)

yeh i heard about Russel and his gang actually acting like real skin heads, and being arrested!!
And no not all Aussie's treat their bitches like that, but in the case of gabe and Hando... can you really blame him? She was really annoying at the start of the movie... Espicisally he weird semi grunting type of noises.... Ewwwwwwwww :S
But she turned out to be an okay character, though Hando and Davey do steal the show..

>>By Niko   (Saturday, 8 Nov 2003 05:06)

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but Russell Crowe was fantastic in this film. I hate the fucker but he did an incredible job as Hando. Oh! And, Daniel Pollock, R.I.P. man!

>>By thom   (Friday, 21 Jan 2005 21:29)

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