that is one of my best favourites movies of the 90s. based on a comic written and drawed by Dave Stevens (the guy who made the storyboard for Steven Spielberg`s RIDERS OF THE LOST ARCH); the comic was published between the middle 80s and the middle 90s; only published 5 volumes (you can download at least 2 of them in with the EMULE: im doing it). The movie brings the flavour and topics of the 30s in the USA: Cole porter and Glenn Millers music, the old hollywood studios, the youngth of the aviation...

the action in the movie just doesnt stop a second, the script (co-written by Stevens) is full of details, action, colour, and humour sense. The director, Joe Johnston (a kind of Bob Zemeckis) directs his best movie ( i still havent seen HIDALGO, played by Viggo "captain Alatriste" Mortensen)... and the girl... oh, the most beautiful actress af all times... Jennifer Connelly... she appeared in my childness inocent dreams as a princess ... oh, i still love you, jenny :P!! haha

and , as a complete movie, there are too cinephilian winks ;)...: for example... the Timothy dalton carachter, Neville Sinclair, is a copycat of a real actor: the legendary Errol Flynn... the movie happens in 1938, and this year Errol is filming Michael Curtiz`s THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, (one of the best adventures movies ever made)... we can see in Rocketeer that Neville Sinclair is filming a very very similar movie... and the most refined cinephilian joke is that Neville Sinclair is a Nazi... there were rumours in the hollywood of that epoch about Errol Flynn.. people thought he was a nazi spy... :) ... and another funny joke about why the original famous big letters of HOLLYWOOD (in the beginning was "HOLLYWOODLAND", not "HOLLYWOOD" as today) changed...

the music composed by james horner is excellent! the special effects are not excelled.

a curious thing...: is one of the two unique movies that you can see an autogyre (the another one is alfred hitchcock`s 39 steps).

see that film and discover the pleasure of watch one of the best adventure films of nowsdays. there is no place to boring in that 1 hour and 41 minutes :) of movie.

greetings from spain, fellas :)

>>By Jim_Hawkins   (Wednesday, 9 Nov 2005 15:32)

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