Return To Me


I LOVE this movie. I could watch it time and time again and wouldn't get bored with it. It is such a cute story and has a well-developed plot as well as a great cast. Bonnie Hunt did a fantastic job on this film. Maybe I'll watch it right now:)

>>By pblover1078   (Tuesday, 21 Oct 2003 05:57)

I didn´t really like this movie. It was too romantic and sad. I normally don´t watch movies like that; I only did, because David Duchovny is in it. Actually I watch X-Files...
(I´m sorry for my English. I´m from Germany, so...)

>>By Mat   (Friday, 31 Oct 2003 07:09)

This movie bridges the generation gap - in the movie and in my life. It's my mother's favourite movie...and on my top ten list. The movie is so well made and Bonnie Hunt is a genius. Sands

>>By sands   (Wednesday, 19 Oct 2005 21:15)

soooo..hollywood again. tell me we did not know the entire plot and ending as it happened. i am so sick and tired of the same old crap that is thrown upon us, and the audience is to act as if we never knew it was coming. I really wish they would accept the scripts that are on the shelfs and pull up a dinamic outcome.

>>By coca   (Monday, 24 Oct 2005 04:39)

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