Reign Over Me


Watched this last night:
Sandler drops his usual 'funny man' act and plays a guy in a severe depression after losing his family in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. Sandler bumps into an old college room-mate and they 'hang out' picking up on the past which helps but also hinders Sandler's recovery of depression, whilst the room-mate has difficulty having fun and staying out late and then having to deal with his wife when he gets home

All in all a decent film with humour thrown in now and then, yet nothing to write home about...apart from maybe Pearl Jam's cover of The Who's 'Love reign O'er me' at the end credits

>>By MigrantWing   (Friday, 19 Oct 2007 02:20)

So I see the previews for this film and I'm thinking, oh no, this is going to be another melancholy film with an even more despair filled ending. I decide not to see it in theaters. Instead, I wait, and see it with my girlfriend, her parents, and her sister and brother in law. All of us are thinking that this was going to be a huge depression bomb. In turns out the movie is really heartfelt and moving. There is hope at the end of this one. Sandler, plays himself (lewd comedy), but a more shattered and broken form of himself. You see his character reaching and trying and the performance is just moving. Don Cheadle is the perfect actor to balance out Sandler's weirdness. I would not rate the movie as excellent but I would say the performances in the movie are. Its a sad movie and Sandler and Cheadle do it well.

>>By mprf82   (Friday, 26 Oct 2007 21:50)

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