Wow I just watched it and that is the strangest thing I ever saw. How in hecks name did her boyfrined survive that car crash????? The movie stunk but the end was one of the funniest things ive ever seen. i wish the last scene had some chunks cut out, like the moon comment and the boyfriedn giving her "permission", he doesnt get to have an opinion.

>>By Oriyah   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 09:20)

i thought it was a great movie it had a lot of symbolism and stuff, forshadowing all that good stuff. I didn't get the stuff about the moon? i am trying to figure that out. It was a good movie because u can't tell wheather its being serious or funny like when she's trying ot kill herself she starts to drink contact solution. Anyway peace out mofo's.

>>By saj   (Friday, 27 Dec 2002 17:56)

Im so confused. Im a little beside myself, I dont know how to feel about that movie. I honestly did not know who to root for!?? I mean for one, how DID he survive that car crash, there were flames!!!!!! and also, how did pumpkin get so good at walking by the end of the movie? What EXACTLY was his handicap?? I think her mom was more retarded than pumpkin was. And that Jeanine girl really really needs to wash her hair, and use LOTS of conditioner!!!

>>By Jadis   (Monday, 30 Dec 2002 04:59)

C'mon people. The crash was suppossed to be satirical. As for the moon scene. My feeling is that Carolyn just realized that Pumkin isn't all she romantically wished him to be. He really is handicapped.

>>By zag   (Thursday, 2 Jan 2003 07:52)

I loved the film Pumpkin! I too fell in love with a special person when I was in high school, and though the relationship only lasted a few months, the sex was great. I'm glad this movie was made.

>>By grappavincent   (Saturday, 18 Jan 2003 23:08)

I must say, this movie is great. The message is that people think that they're all politically correct but when something weird like dating someone special, they freak out. This is the best love movie ever. I love that scene where Ricci was like "Pumpkin's not sitting in the back of the bus anymore," it's so anti-conform.

>>By oracle   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 01:07)

2 hours of my live I'll never get back!

>>By gum   (Saturday, 8 Feb 2003 23:11)

We are all humans, some of us are simply more challanged to accomplish things.. some of us look very different than the 'avarage' person.. and people say 'retarded' based on that. The word 'retarded' in language is linked to the word 'slow' because that is all there is to it.. it simply translates into not being 'fast' enough.. to move.. to think and to express our selves. While those may be physical limitations.. love is not physical.. love is like an essence.. an essence is always pure.. and perfect.. love can never be sick.. love can never be 'retarded'. Carolyn fell in love with his inmaculate essence.. the essence that exists in all humans as a standard part of our selves.. regardless -like in the case of this movie- .. of physical limitations.

>>By Romeo   (Monday, 10 Feb 2003 09:47)

This was a wonderful movie. It Changed my life, i don't know how to go on after seeing this movie. i love pumpkin, i want his body, i find him soo atractive.

>>By Ryan Sprauge   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 07:23)

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can not stand any more of the psycho-babble comming out of the mouths of people who actually liked this movie. "We're all human", "What a great message", "I was so touched" AHHHH. If the movie makers wanted to send a message for one they could have.... hmmm lets see USED ACTUALL HANDICAPED PEOPLE TO PLAY THE ROLES!!!!!!!! Or did they they think that they had to use cheep background actors who just looked like people pretending to be mentally handicaped. Mentally Chalanged people can be actors too... does anyone remember the show from the 80's "Life Goes On"????? This movie was a pathetic attempt to send a message... maybe movies with messages was the latest trend in Hollywood that day. With that out of the way, let talk about the technicle quality of the movie (or lack there of). When choosing camera angles and styles you kinda need a good reason to. When jock boyfriend goes crazy in the car dosen't it look like a really bad 1950's movie? And as many have already said there was too much fire and he probably should have died from that atomic blast and mushroom cloud that the car left behind. (Also notice he had no 3rd degree burns) Yes I know it's "just a movie" but I felt like the directors though that the audience was mentally challanged. Some might call this a black comedy, others might say it was "full of emotion", I say it's a waste of film and an insult to people of any mental capacity.

>>By Sigmond   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 15:34)

wow! seriously we could not tell if this movie was supposed to be funny, serious, or a "thinker." what we could tell, was that it was really dumb.

>>By thelma and louise   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 09:01)

what was the message of this movie? there were parts where i wanted to laugh but i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be funny and i did not want to be inappropriate. but there were times when it just got a little too ridiculous that i could not keep it in. Carolyn' s line "pumpkin is not sittiing in the back of the bus anymore" was over the top. was that suposed to be funny? i felt like many times in the movie it was like they were trying to make a point but i just wasn't too sure what that point was. Also, the fight between pumpkin and Kent wasw almost like something out of West side story. i was waiting for some choreographed dancing. What was up with pumpkin's mom? and was carolyn's mom high all the time?
i laughed during the part where carolyn was trying to kill herself because she was drinking pepto and contact solution! and then to top it off....she threw it all up! hello!!???

>>By me and only me   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 09:06)

at the end of the movie, when pumpkin asked the question about the moon, and carolyn turned around and looked at us....was that a look of "what the heck did i get myself into?"

>>By and then some   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 09:08)

The people who make movies are not stupid.
I think that the filmakers have accomplished something that is extremely difficult to pull off... they are clearly making fun of this type of cheesy simplistic movie (the over-the-top musical score, the car crash, the 'look' at the end of the film) BUT they are just subtle enough that they are not offending those who would enjoy this movie on that cheesy level. This is not an easy task.

>>By Steve Hansen   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 19:37)

You mean I'm supposed to have a sense of humor, intelligence, and some compassion to get this movie? Oh the brain pain... You mean when a car goes up into flames and a mushroom cloud, but the driver survives with no burns, it's a joke? But, mentally retarded people don't have a sense of humor, right? ---- I loved this movie. It was thoughtful, hilarious, and pretty to look at. I thought the moon question was the perfect ending, because it didn't assume that everything wrapped up into a peachy little package. Christinia Ricci has become a better actress over time, she actually demonstrated a couple of different emotions in this movie. I do, however, agree that mentally retarded actors should play mentally retarded characters.

>>By ole' squinty   (Saturday, 12 Apr 2003 15:56)

Have you ever seen a picture of a person in a room holding a picture of a person in a room holding a picture of... In this movie flourished about two levels of cognitive life: the mentally challenged; and mentally unchallenged but overly simplistic. I think the second category is the sadder of the two. I'm guessing that Carolyn's distressed look back in the final scene marked the beginning of her next mental growth spurt. She's escaped conformity and learned to be true to her heart. Now she'll begin to learn to cope with complexity... *Reality check* It's OK to fall in love with someone who's mentally handicapped. *Reality check* Love isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

>>By jlrtitanic   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 04:35)

OMG.. what was that movie even about... i cracked up laughing when Pumpkin's mom opened his bedroom door and him and Carolyn were found sleeping together.... LOL... what was with pumpkin looking at dirty magazines... what room was he even in?? And who the heck leaves a retard on the beach?? that is just really mean. That whole sorority was so lame, AOPIE for lyfe!!!!! i think that the movie was a COMEDY.. i don't care what anyone else thinks..i laughed throughout the entire movie. Thinking back about it makes me realize that i wasted $4 at the movie store.

>>By Pumpkin lover   (Sunday, 4 May 2003 22:32)

I enjoyed pumpkin because im always going and diggin people that seem as unlikely a companion for me as pumpkin did for carolyn. love is so pleasant. rad.

>>By word   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 22:18)

I watched "Pumpkin" and I agree, the lack of mentally challenged actors was pretty cheap. I was confused with Christina Ricci's acting, if was inconsistent.. ex. when she's telling her boyfriend to not touch her - not so believable, but she did have some good moments. I can see its suppose to be satirical, I just felt it was predictable and pretty lame. Not a good film for Christina to executively produce - eeee...

>>By and stuff   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 04:52)

this was the worst movie ever made. i don't give a rat's butt if it was suppose to be satirical or dark. it pains me to know i watched it. i waited until the end...waiting for it to say "april fools" or something. i think i am going to cry, knowing someone actually paid those horrible actors. why? why? why?

>>By pumpkinstinks   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 16:35)

ok, i just saw pumpkin...my brother saw the end and asked me why i watch such horrible movies...i agree, but i try to give everything a chance...it was funny and confusing...and christina ricci can't act for sh**, she never has enough emotion in anything she does and she literally bores me and she's ugly as a blonde (may i add). the retard pumpkin was cool, except why the f*** would his mother name him pumpkin...naming kids bad names like that are asking for their kids to get the crap kicked out of them at school..his mom made him retarded...and the boyfriend and the dumb sorority...who wrote this??? seriously...i mean, they actually sat down and said..."wow, i've made such a great movie" and christina ricci goes "omigod, this is such a great story, since i haven't gotten a good gig lately, i guess i'll play some goodie girlfriend and love "special" people and everyone will like me!"....for all the people that think that this was a good movie.....u need to think about some things...she goes to the dance with some jock idiot...then, she rejects him to dance with pumpkin, then she rejects him and moves away from everyone...after she watched him get the sh** kicked out of him first (he tackles the jock and then jock cries.....need i say more?) maybe i laughed a little because it was so godd*** stupid...but all and all...the movie was a BOO!!!!

>>By the critic that has seen too many horrible movies   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 05:25)

For all of you who don't get or appreciate 'Pumpkin,' I suggest you read Roger Ebert's review of the film. It captures the film perfectly. Sometimes you have to look under the surface of things. 'Pumpkin' is an awesome flick.

>>By awesomeflicks   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 06:17)

I really liked this movie. In fact I am watching it right now. I think that they should have a pumpkin 2! I really liked the part when she said "Pumpkins not sitting in the back of the bus anymore." I just don't get how Kent survived.... All the moms seemed mean in the movie!


>>By KK   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 16:12)

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