Pirates Of The Caribbean


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WOOOHOOOO! I'm first!

First, just let me say that I was lucky enough to live close to Disneyland for a couple of years when I was a kid. True, that was thirty years ago, AND YES I can still remember that far back! :) That said, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion and Miracle of Molecules were my favorite rides.

I really didn't think Disney would be able to pull off a decent full-length, live-action movie based on a theme park ride. Boy, was I wrong!

This is a great movie! Lots of fun.... with sailing ships and pirates! Since I'm ex-Navy and LOVE all thing nautical, this will be a favorite of mine till I die.

Johnny Depp's Capt. Jack Sparrow is a really good pirate ALMOST as good as Brian Blessed's Long John Silver from Return to Treasure Island, another phenomenal pirate adventure. Jack is more of a romantic. He uses charm, and very bizarre charm at that, and charisma to get a great deal of what he wants. I love his makeup, which I heard Johnny Depp had a lot to do with.

Orlando Bloom's Will Turner is quite a charming young man, very earnest and upstanding, very much like Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. It's not Orlando's fault he can't quite compete with the raffish Jack, who is an officer to boot, even if he's only a pirate captain. Ha! ONLY a pirate captain! *sigh*

Keira whateverhernameis --- Elizabeth.... she is a very pretty and talented young actress. I kept saying "Jeez, she looks just like Winona Ryder". Her Elizabeth is plucky and lovely and has some very good lines. She also looks good in the costumes.

Geoffrey Rush is a very compelling Barbossa. He's strangely sympathetic for such a dastardly, greedy fellow that would make our heroine and our favorite pirate walk the plank and marroon them on a desert island.

The ships are grand and I'd love to sail on one someday. My girls and I already have a copy of the soundtrack which we bought the first day it was available and listen to .... alot. ;) Cool pirate music. Definitely going to buy the movie for our collection when it comes out.

I've heard there are rumors there will be a sequel, but as much as I'd love to see more of Jack Sparrow, I don't want them to put out a crappy movie just to monopolize on the first movie's success.

Who the heck am I kidding!?! This is Disney! Of course they'll market another if they think it will pry a few more bucks out of consumer's mitts. Just 'cause they wear Mouse ears doesn't mean they aren't pirates under their suits. ;)

>>By Dare   (Friday, 5 Sep 2003 04:11)

This looks like it'll be fuckin huge,,, and possibly justifiably, though it hasn't come out here in New Zealand yet...
hey, whats the opinion on depp's recent comments on the "dumb puppy" that is America? personally I think that he is Right On, and shouldn't have retracted nothin.
Brendan Sexton III didn't back down, and pretty much forfieted his acting career... that takes some bravery..

>>By g.c.r   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 05:48)

Hello g.c.r! How is it down there in New Zealand? Has there been a flood of tourists and showbiz hopefuls since the LotR's movies have come out? Of course, NZ was making a great name for itself ages before that with all of the TV productions being filmed there.

Well, I didn't hear what Johnny Depp had to say about the "dumb puppy" that is America. I'm sorry he felt that way, especially since his career is as hugely successful as it is mainly because of the "dumb puppies" in America.

I've never heard of Brendan Sexton III. Not sure about BSIII's bravery, but it's a pretty good bet it wasn't a smart marketing strategy.

What I can say about Johnny Depp is --as an actor, I like his work. He's lovely to look at and unequivocally a great talent. PotC is a fun movie and a large part of that is from Depp's performance.

>>By Dare   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 03:30)

Loved the move. Johnny Depp really acted the part well but I wondered the way he was swaying most of the time if he hadn't been drinking the rum all along-ha! Didn't know the other two characters but they played the hero and heroine well although I think she owed something to Capt. Sparrow. The transition from the pirates being alive and dead--great stuff and scary. This was even better than the ride and it did follow the ride so closely even though I last was last at Disneyland in 1971. Costumes and such were great. Ho-ho-ho-ho a pirates live for me...

>>By ladyjo   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 20:33)

Have you seen Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Rings or The Two Towers? Orlando Bloom who played Will Turner in PotC plays Legolas the elf in those movies. :) Haven't seen Keira Knightley before either but she's sure to show up again. :)

Yes, I loved what they did with the pirates changing, especially the Underwater March. Way spooky!

>>By Dare   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 05:16)

Pirates of the Caribbean was an absolutely FANTASTIC movie. It had EVERYTHING - action, comedy, romance, drama. Jack Sparrow is the COOLEST guy on the planet. REALLY.

Has anyone watched the films 'Chocolat' or 'Blow'? I hear that they're really good cos Johnny Depp's in them. Oh, and I loved the costumes in the movie! Elizabeth's dress was nice, Jack's whole pirate gear thing (with the beads, the weapons, the rings etc etc), and Will................well, let's just say Orlando Bloom looks very good in breeches and in a shirt with the top buttons undone. That's all I have to say about that.

Basically, the film was, ike my friends mum says, very 'swashbuckling'.

Oh yeah, and Keira Knightley played Jules in 'Bend It Like Beckham'. I think.

; - )

>>By Mazarrino_the_Chadam_lover   (Wednesday, 10 Sep 2003 19:15)

I've seen the previews to Bend It Like Beckham and want to that. It looks good!

Yes, Johnny Depp was great in Chocolat. I haven't seen Blow but heard he did a good job in it. He was also very good in Sleepy Hollow and a REALLY old movie Edward Scissorhands. :)

I want to see if there is a poster out there of the shot from PotC where Jack is looking over his shoulder and gives that devilish grin. The one they show in the previews, remember? *melts* Ooooh, what a lovely face! ;)

>>By Dare   (Thursday, 11 Sep 2003 03:51)

Pirates of the Carribean was pretty good

>>By nosupremists   (Wednesday, 24 Sep 2003 03:38)

about johnny depp looking drunk..

he has said in interviews that he thinks pirates were rock stars of their time. and so he patterned his speech and actions after keith richards.
watch it again knowing this and its uncanny!

>>By decolady   (Friday, 26 Sep 2003 22:29)

I saw an interview where he said he crossed Keith Richards and Pepe LePew (the French skunk cartoon character) when he created Jack Sparrow. LOL!

Whatever he did, it works! :)

>>By Dare   (Saturday, 27 Sep 2003 05:21)


>>By Trankmast   (Sunday, 28 Sep 2003 23:08)

Not in my opinion. :) It's on my "To Buy" list for certain. Probably several copies as gifts and one for me!

>>By Dare   (Wednesday, 8 Oct 2003 22:33)

this movie is excellant so wud Trankmast kindly like to elaborarte on his opinion?? johnny depp is so unique in his acting, he clearly shadows orlando bloom who has a crappy part compared to the jack sparrow. definately have to buy this on DVD and thats hilarious that depp based his haracter on keith richards!! l8r

>>By crazy 4 a saint   (Friday, 10 Oct 2003 09:27)

Has everyone heard about the sequel? Its going to have all the same cast but they havent decided a date yet!

>>By christina   (Thursday, 16 Oct 2003 07:41)

I did hear about it but that's pretty much it. Jack Sparrow "rides" again! :)

>>By Dare   (Thursday, 16 Oct 2003 22:10)

both orlando bloom and johnny depp are soo damn fine in that movie!! =P


>>By Starchild   (Thursday, 23 Oct 2003 21:03)

especially johny...that guy is fucking fabulous!

>>By Eli_Molko   (Saturday, 25 Oct 2003 01:39)

rlly good movie... i love the beads and bandanna on jack sparrow lol great outfits.....

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Sunday, 26 Oct 2003 07:15)

the movie rules and so does jonny depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By shade   (Sunday, 26 Oct 2003 16:36)

Johnny Depp is a fine artist. I like his work. It pleases the eye, certainly ;). Haven't seen Once Upon a Time in Mexico but if I see it, will be for him.

>>By Dare   (Thursday, 6 Nov 2003 18:18)

very good film, tho i havnt sin it yet.....

>>By Magic   (Wednesday, 12 Nov 2003 18:17)

This movie is such a shit.... nice nature...... that´s all
i lost two hours of my life..................

>>By schikulka   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 18:46)

When I first heard that Johnny Depp was to play the lead in this movie I was so disappointed, but....I had never really seen him in any movie except a small portion of Edward Scissorhands. Since I am a "Disneyaholic" I went to the movie and was totally blown away by JD's acting and his looks. Since then I have viewed just about all his movies except for The Brave which has not been released in the USA on VHS or DVD. I have discovered that JD is not only an excellant actor but also totally good looking in just about every roll he is in. I have loved every movie so far except for two; Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (been there, don't want to see it repeated), and Arizona Dreams (just way too weird and off the wall for me). My top five movies are:
#1. Pirates of the Caribbean
#2. Benny & Joon
#3. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
#4. Don Juan DeMarco
#5. Chocolat

>>By dia   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 19:02)

I liked PotC, DJDeM, Choc, SH (Sleepy Hollow) and ES.

Welcome to the club, dia. :)

>>By Dare   (Saturday, 15 Nov 2003 03:00)

PotC is amazing....sit back, relax and then let the characters take you on a fabulous jouney filled with almost every emotion....Jack Sparrow, ah, Capt Jack Saprrow needs to be seen in Chocolat to be believed...looks great and acts well...
Ms Heroine is Jules in Bend It Like Beckham, but cudn't believe when I saw her in PotC...her mother in BILB would have no complains with her if she saw PotC...:-)...if you know what I mean...

>>By Curry   (Saturday, 15 Nov 2003 10:43)

Yeah the movie is hot, i loved it. i haven't seen a movie that shows comedy, action, romance in a while that has been appealing to me. i must say it's a great movie and both of the lead men are hot. Someone asked why Jack Sparrow was like swaying all the time. it was because when he spent the 3 days on the island, it was very very hot and he was drinking and did i mention it was very hot,hehe. Anyway he obliviously kept seeing ma-rages (i can't spell for crap) and so he's always swaying cos his eye sight is not so grand. i think thats about rite, correct me if im wrong.
but yeah anyway the movie was great and i can't wait to see the squeal and the two main men are back but they don't know about Kirea yet.
And i can't wait til the return of the king premiere's diwn in wellingtown cos im trying to get tickets. Thats the best thing about living here in New Zealand, hehe and plus it's a beautiful place.

>>By soaps   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 12:09)

Pirates rock......as long as they are like Johnny Depp in PotC.....Savvy? that movie is so awesome, and he really makes it what it is. I mean, the storyline is nice and all, but with the rest of the characters, and then you take JD out and put another character in place of him. I'm sorry but I just don't think that it could be done. as for Will Turner being Legolas....i'd never realized that before and lotr and potc are like the two movies i watch constantly. But it makes sense now *grin* Potc just came out over here yesterday and I have to say I bought it. It was a definite must have andnow i'm fully enjoying myself exploring all the aspects of it. It'd been so long since I saw themovie that it was so great to see it again I've been thinking about it constantly.....JD is just so awesome in that movie...so is the one bad pirate with the wooden eye....he and his friend were hilarious...especially when they were on the hidden island with the womens clothes.....i loved that!!!!!!

>>By huckleberry   (Thursday, 4 Dec 2003 04:53)

Wonder.. oh so wonderful. Such eye candy. My heart all but stops. Orlando, Johnny... even Geoff is a sexy bitch. Natlie Portman.. I mean Kira? Yeh.. she gorgeous as well. Aside from the fact that Priates is the only thing worth visiting D-land for, my god, the movie only makes you want to visit again and again (true, I only have hopes for finding Orlando amoung the animated vagrants... but, who can blame my delusions?)

>>By pixay   (Thursday, 4 Dec 2003 05:43)

Ack! And Fear and Loathing was brillantly acted.. and umm, Johnny DID retract his statement.. after all, tabloids often construe the true into something other than. Pfft. Judging all americans by one asshole president who didn't even legitimately win the election? Tsk, tsk.

>>By pixay   (Thursday, 4 Dec 2003 05:49)

I have never seen that film it is supposed to be good!

>>By Magic   (Thursday, 4 Dec 2003 18:33)

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