Phantom Of The Opera


Has anyone seen the knew Film...... I thought Its was rle good...... Sad at parts too.... And the guy who plays Raoul.... Hes a hottie.... Anyone else think so...?

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>>By _x_midian_x_   (Friday, 6 May 2005 23:46)

its a horribly made movie. I know alot of people are head over heels for it but the movie itself was poorly done. The transitions were the worst and on a side note the phantom is a psychopath who really should have been locked up there is no deep love story to him just a very mentally disturbed person with an obsession.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Thursday, 12 May 2005 00:31)

I belive that it was done well tho...
I really enjoyed the film... Im a fan of Musicals which is probibly why..... I really think That it was a really good movie tho...

Everyone has there own opinions


>>By _x_midian_x_   (Thursday, 12 May 2005 17:38)

I am a long obsessed fan of "Phantom"; I love the book and the STAGE version of the musical, and I love Erik (the Phantom) for he represents the darkest aspects of ourselves. But the movie completely degraded the stage version; I think they made the phantom far too emotional and too weak too early (wtf was with the swordfight? The phantom is supposed to seem immortal and undefeatable until the VERY END), and he was far too attractive (the phantom is supposed to be HIDEOUS) and the phantom is supposed to die in the end. Andrew Lloyd Webber, I conclude, must've taken retard pills before he converted his musical into a film.

>>By LastCaress18   (Thursday, 19 May 2005 08:01)

I loved it....
I hva see the stage version and the book .. and yeah I do think they hav changed it.. if yu ask me its for the better in some ways...

I think it was better he didn't .... I mean it was a nice way to end the film with the rose.... and the monkey....

I supose everyone has there own opinions but I Loved the Film... I thought it was just amazing...

Jenni x x

>>By _x_midian_x_   (Saturday, 21 May 2005 12:59)

I haven't seen the stage show, but I'm told it's about three hours. Obviously there is time to fit more in, and don't forget the whole thing about the atmosphere of a live show. I went to see Grease live and it beats the film hands down.
I did enjoy this film though, although the cinema is the best place to see it. I have the dvd and it's just not the same even on a 32 inch screen.

>>By horliks   (Friday, 27 May 2005 21:57)

I dont kno.. Its been that long since I've seen the stage show of Phantom.. I hav forgotten most of it As i was about 8 or 9 years old...

I guess I say the film is better because I havnt seen the stage show in a wee while... Im sure If I got the chance to see it again I would b able to make a better opinions on what I think.

I do alot of Theatre and acting myself.... I enjoy most musicals for a goth.....Out all the musical films I have seen I have to say 'Phantom of the opera' Is the best so far.


>>By _x_midian_x_   (Saturday, 28 May 2005 14:00)

More people should write..... I mean write yure good and bad opintions on the moovie.... Eveyone has there own opinion on it....

Jenni x x

>>By _x_midian_x_   (Saturday, 4 Jun 2005 11:52)

I love the Phantom of the Opera, it's one of my favorite stories. The Andrew Lloyd Weber version of course, not those stupid horror films. I thought the new film was wonderful. The guy who played Raul definitely could have done something about his hair though, it bothered me a bit, other than that I thought he was very attractive. But, unlike Christine, I would have definitely went with the Phantom. Unlike Billy Pilgrim's thoughts, I do think the Phantom is romantic and truely in love with Christine, mainly because he lets her go with Raul because he knows that's what will make her happy, isn't that what true love is all about? I've recently played Christine in my theatre company's production of the Phantom of the Opera and once I would have gotten that red rose with the black ribbon on it I would have fell for him, the sealer would have been "Music of the Night" being sung to me. Oh well, I suppose I'm just a romantic like that. =D

>>By Wednesday   (Monday, 20 Jun 2005 03:15)

wow, i truly respect the author of the original play because it is one unique piece, i must say! the movie was also very enjoyable, along with its soundtrack. i did notice that the plot of the movie changed a bit, with the phantom building up a romantic relationship with Christine, the leading actress of the play. the phantom is really supposed to be seen as a sort of villainish antagonist. however, the movie was still a classic. i recommend the actual play very much!!!

>>By aaronzcandy   (Sunday, 18 Sep 2005 04:10)

I love the movie!!! I think it's well done and very impressive!

>>By Miss Krux   (Monday, 18 Sep 2006 14:28)

P.S. Emmy Rossum can't sing or act worth shit, I'm sorry. The movie just sucked and I wish it could be redone with the original darkness and beauty (...and with me as Christine!)

>>By LastCaress18   (Thursday, 7 Dec 2006 00:09)

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